Goals in 2015?!?!

I began this blog telling my story and how I literally stumbled upon running. I still have a couple more posts to catch up to date but I figured I would take a break and talk about my goals for 2015 with a 2014 recap of successes and failures!

I started 2014 with two “resolutions” or goals in mind
1. Have a new PR under 1:46:00
2. Run a total of 1,000 miles

So it was the first of January and I started with a ten mile run. After that I continued to go pretty much every other day. I felt like I was in the best shape of my life on track to beat my old PR of two years back.

First try came in March with the Bearathon that takes place in Waco, Texas at the famous Baylor University.

I was sick all weekend and was just able to come in under two hours.

Couple of weeks later we had an OCR or obstacle course race. We did really well as I came in fourth for the males and my now wife Blanca came in first for females!!!

Fast forward a couple of months later and yes I am now married to my best friend and running partner ever!!

Yes that’s us at Willis Tower in Chicago!!

Now we are back and I have a race here in San Antonio downtown and I honestly can’t say I was in full mode training but I went in with the mindset to give it my all!!

It was awesome!! I got to run with a very very great friend of mine Rudy!! He dove into running one day and just didn’t stop!! And congrats to him he is now engaged as well!!!! Oh I forgot to say I PRd!!! I finished with a time of 1:45:52!!! First resolution check!!

2 weeks later my wife Blanca and I find ourselves at one of our favorite events the 13.1 series in Dallas!!
Well what can I say but what an event!! We both PR’d!! She cut her best time by if I’m correct by like 12 minutes coming in at around 1:45:20 and I beat my PR at 1:44:52!!!

I also finished my third Spartan Beast this year and cut my time by 1:30 which was amazing!!

I got to meet the one and only MEB!!

2014 was full of surprises, great times and frustrating times. Running a half with a bad stomach to cutting my training down in the summer due to leg fatigue. I even injured my leg playing soccer two weeks prior to Dallas but overall it was a year like no other!! I got married, traveled, and beat my record time twice!!! So the question now stands. What for 2015??
1. Do run 1000 miles
2. Beat my time of 1:44:52
Next race New Orleans Rock n Roll on January 25th
Happy New Year!!!



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