NOLA Race weekend Recap!! And a hand burn!

The Thursday before our race weekend I decided to make some salmon that came out really good. This salmon came at the cost of a burned hand.

Good thing my medical assistant here took care of me. Darn that burn hurt!

Here is Blanca packing for our race weekend.

At four in the morning we met up with Brett who is one of our training buddies. We rode with him to New Orleans or as they say Nawlins. We arrived at the expo and met up with our two other DRG runners Jose and Blanca.

After collecting our gear we then went to the riverwalk for some food!!

After returning to the hotel and getting a little rest we decided to visit downtown for a bit. I had to take Blanca to Cafe du Monde!!


We were able to see some street performers and also witness a wedding parade in the middle of the street!! That was something else!!

After heading back to our hotel room we said our goodnights and had our clothes prepared so that we wouldn’t forget a thing. It is always a good idea to build your running buddy the night before with the bib ready to go.


Sunday morning, race day morning!!

Our companion Brett showing his multipurpose hand warmers on the bus. As soon as we exited the bus we met up with our other Blanca and Joe and we had to represent San Antonio.


My goal was to run between 1:45-1:50 even though i want to PR I was not 100% ready. Blanca on the other hand was running her first full!!!! She really wanted that jacket!!


Well I didn’t PR but I still did well. I was actually running sub eight min miles then my thigh started bothering me and just slowed me down.

Blanca on the other hand did amazing!!! Wow 4:15 for her first full marathon is amazing! I’m so proud of her! She just keeps improving year after year! I really do believe we can put more time into training and eventually see her in Boston!!!!

Congrats to our other DRG runners who also ran the 3M marathon in Austin,Tx.

Hope everyone has a great week! Keep up the hard work and results will come. God bless !!

Oh yeah!! Here’s that jacket!



Friday recap, NOLA 8 days

Around this time eight days from today I would’ve broken the half marathon world record. I wish that was the case.
Yesterday I went out for a morning run and I asked my wonderful wife

if she would follow me on her bike since she had already run 12 miles the previous day.
We took off and I guess I started a little too fast cause I began to struggle for a bit. I kept pushing since it would be my last long run before Nawlins. I was doing really good I had my five miles at 41 min and change unfortunately we had to jump to street level and had to wait for a couple of stop lights. Once I got on the road it was non stop back to the Pearl Brewery.


She also took some pictures of me!!



Even with traffic lights and hills I am still happy with the results.
Afterwards we drove to a college here in town to buy a book that Blanca needed. I was also able to drive right by my elementary and middle school and now Blanca can see where oat of my childhood was.
After showering we cooked breakfast and we were able to watch Stand by me right before we both had to leave for work.
I have got to say my Friday was a satisfying one.
I sit here in the beautiful historic King Williams district in San Antonio waiting for my family. My mother and sister in law are participating in the all women’s Cocoa Half Marathon. We are about to go to the expo and I just love seeing runners gather all with the same passion. This morning I went for a slow paced five and a half mile run in honor of Meg Menzies. She was tragically killed by a drunk driver this time last year as she was running early morning.
Attn: all runners
Please be very aware of your surrounding !! Bring awareness to drink driving and texting.

As my DRG says
Run Inspired!!
God bless!!

Rock n Roll ready NOLA!!

Good afternoon everyone! There is officially eleven days left until we are at the starting line of the New Orleans Marathon. I have to say I am really excited to officially start our journey in completing one race in every state. At the beginning of the year I set my goals for 2015 which were to run over 1,000 miles this year and have another personal best. As of today I have completed 50 miles which is good but a bit behind last years rate.

My training has honestly been great at times and hard at times. Today’s run was comfortable and enjoyable even though it was on the treadmill. Seven miles completed!!!

This past Saturday the 10th I was not able to make it to our Downtown Run Group (DRG). It was really cold and drizzling some of the roads were actually closed. Later that afternoon the weather was a bit better I decided to go complete my Saturday must run. I did it!!! I actually did it!!!


I ran seven miles in 56 minutes and I actually ran my last mile in 7:18. If I am correct that is my personal best mile.

My lovely wife is also in her personal journey preparing herself to complete her first full marathon and it’s located outside of our Texas.

Beginning this year Blanca and I have began adding a little bit of decoration to our apartment. This gives us the motivation to keep moving forward and keep working hard to achieve our goals.


I hope everyone has had a great week as we have. Keep pushing forward never look back.
God bless you all!!

Half, Full, 18 days, NOLA!!

Eighteen days left!!!! Blanca and I decided to wake up early yesterday and go for a long run downtown. When we woke up it was pretty darn chilly outside we decided to do the dreadful treadmill. Yes sir the boring treadmill. I figured I would try hard to run 13.1 miles in about 1:50-1:52:00 and Blanca was just going for a long run until she got tired.

Here is Blanca stretching getting ready.


You have no idea how much I dislike running on the treadmill!! Sometimes this is my only option so I deal with it. This particular treadmill only gives you one hour of running. So I decided to go for seven miles within that hour then grab some water and complete the last seven. I didn’t realize I set the treadmill to only run for 47 minutes until the end.


Blanca ended her run at 10 miles and I ended my run at 12.36 miles with a time of 1:47:00.

This morning Blanca and I decided to go visit running shoe stores for fun. Well I was searching for a pair of running gloves which I did find for $12.00 from New Blance. Now Blanca who was not looking for anything was fortunate she came upon a sweet pair of Saucony Mirage 4 worth about $120.00 on sale for $50.00.

She tried them today and she says they were great! She needed new shoes for the full marathon so can you say what a blessing from God!

Anyways I hope everyone has a great day and God Bless!!

Saturday recap!! Countdown begins!!

I belong to a great running team known as Downtown Run Group or DRG. If you are in the San Antonio Area and are looking for help and support we are here for you and best of all it is free!! So on Saturday the 3rd, Blanca and I went to our usual spot where our DRG meets for our morning prayer and head out from the Pearl Brewery.

That’s Hotel Emma!! I believe this should be done this spring I believe!!
So from what I hear we had around forty two runners total some who ran two miles and others who ran fourteen miles. Blanca and I ran seven miles because she had to go to work at noon. So we went our separate way towards the zoo and up a high stadium into Trinity University and shot straight into downtown. We arrived at mile five and jumped right onto the river walk where it would take us two miles back to the Pearl.
Now, I have been running slower lately training with Blanca for her full marathon. I went out this Saturday hoping to do a fast paced seven miles. I was gunning for fifty six to fifty seven min but came just short at fifty nine minutes.


It’s ok though!! We did it dark and early now we can go home satisfied!!


Here are some of the races my group is running the beginning of this year.


Well it is officially twenty days out that Blanca myself and a few others from our run group will head out to New Orleans to run the full and half marathon!!! Blanca has never been there so I plan on showing her around on Saturday and be ready for Sunday!!
What do you think is a must visit in NOLA?
God bless have a great Monday!!!



Running in the USA

Our bucket list is to run at least one Half Marathon in every state!! Below I will list the states we have conquered with race names and times!!

Dallas 13.1 series
1:44:50 (personal record)

Dallas 13.1 series
1:45:15 (personal record)


Rock n Roll New Orleans Half

Rock n Roll New Orleans Marathon
4:15:42 (first 26.2)