Half, Full, 18 days, NOLA!!

Eighteen days left!!!! Blanca and I decided to wake up early yesterday and go for a long run downtown. When we woke up it was pretty darn chilly outside we decided to do the dreadful treadmill. Yes sir the boring treadmill. I figured I would try hard to run 13.1 miles in about 1:50-1:52:00 and Blanca was just going for a long run until she got tired.

Here is Blanca stretching getting ready.


You have no idea how much I dislike running on the treadmill!! Sometimes this is my only option so I deal with it. This particular treadmill only gives you one hour of running. So I decided to go for seven miles within that hour then grab some water and complete the last seven. I didn’t realize I set the treadmill to only run for 47 minutes until the end.


Blanca ended her run at 10 miles and I ended my run at 12.36 miles with a time of 1:47:00.

This morning Blanca and I decided to go visit running shoe stores for fun. Well I was searching for a pair of running gloves which I did find for $12.00 from New Blance. Now Blanca who was not looking for anything was fortunate she came upon a sweet pair of Saucony Mirage 4 worth about $120.00 on sale for $50.00.

She tried them today and she says they were great! She needed new shoes for the full marathon so can you say what a blessing from God!

Anyways I hope everyone has a great day and God Bless!!