NOLA Race weekend Recap!! And a hand burn!

The Thursday before our race weekend I decided to make some salmon that came out really good. This salmon came at the cost of a burned hand.

Good thing my medical assistant here took care of me. Darn that burn hurt!

Here is Blanca packing for our race weekend.

At four in the morning we met up with Brett who is one of our training buddies. We rode with him to New Orleans or as they say Nawlins. We arrived at the expo and met up with our two other DRG runners Jose and Blanca.

After collecting our gear we then went to the riverwalk for some food!!

After returning to the hotel and getting a little rest we decided to visit downtown for a bit. I had to take Blanca to Cafe du Monde!!


We were able to see some street performers and also witness a wedding parade in the middle of the street!! That was something else!!

After heading back to our hotel room we said our goodnights and had our clothes prepared so that we wouldn’t forget a thing. It is always a good idea to build your running buddy the night before with the bib ready to go.


Sunday morning, race day morning!!

Our companion Brett showing his multipurpose hand warmers on the bus. As soon as we exited the bus we met up with our other Blanca and Joe and we had to represent San Antonio.


My goal was to run between 1:45-1:50 even though i want to PR I was not 100% ready. Blanca on the other hand was running her first full!!!! She really wanted that jacket!!


Well I didn’t PR but I still did well. I was actually running sub eight min miles then my thigh started bothering me and just slowed me down.

Blanca on the other hand did amazing!!! Wow 4:15 for her first full marathon is amazing! I’m so proud of her! She just keeps improving year after year! I really do believe we can put more time into training and eventually see her in Boston!!!!

Congrats to our other DRG runners who also ran the 3M marathon in Austin,Tx.

Hope everyone has a great week! Keep up the hard work and results will come. God bless !!

Oh yeah!! Here’s that jacket!