A week in my life!!

Hi everyone!!! I really hope everyone had a good weekend. I am now beginning my fifth year of marathoning and I continue to be in awe. I still cannot believe that I run as a hobby. I find my self this week training but only in a smart way because I have yet another race coming valentines weekend.

This race was given to us as a gift by a couple from our run group. Blanca and I will be spending the 14th and 15th running the Austin Marathon. We are beyond excited!!
Running recap..




I had two treadmill runs and my weekly Saturday morning running at the Pearl Brewery.

My beautiful wife Blanca is here studying for one of her upcoming test. I am very blessed to have this lady by my side. A woman who goes to school, works full time and a marathoner!!

We both got to visit Blanca’s sister Silvia for her weekly bible study. It was definitely a great time. After everyone said goodnight we stayed there a bit longer talking. Not much long after that Blanca said goodnight as well.

I know Blanca is a very busy lady and so I try my best to help as much I can around the house. I’ll do dishes and a couple chores here and there. One thing I really enjoy doing for her a lot is making food. Remember I made that salmon when I burned my hand?
By her request I made a pizza. I think it turned out to be pretty good, wouldn’t you say?

It definitely has been a good week. I hope everyone has a great week.
If you care to know more about my run group and need assistance or running buddies we are here.
Please join DRG you will not regret it .
God bless!!


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