Deals, Austin, Marathon fun!!!

Hi everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful week. I surely had an amazing week. Here is my week recap leading to the race.

On Monday I went to have my haircut and to my surprise there was a sale. That was definitely a good Monday.

On Tuesday morning Blanca is off of work because of school. We decided to go visit some stores. I told her I wanted to buy her some shoes I had seen earlier. After a couple of chores were completed we were out of the door. We ended up at a shopping center here in San Antonio known as the Quarry.

We went to Whole Earth Provisions. I want to say about 25 minutes later Blanca came out with a new pair of bucketfeet shoes.

The actual price was $29.99!!
We also bought some watches to track our runs. You know those expensive watches. Blanca bought a Garmin 910 built for a triathlete and I bought a Garmin 610 for marathoners. We did not pay $850 combined retail for our watches but paid $200 instead!! Yes $200 for these two watches!!


We were pretty excited.

Come Friday evening both Blanca and I were packing in preparation for our Austin trip. The plan was that I would leave around noon so that I would be on time for packet pick up. Blanca would be out of work at 4 pm and hopefully make it to Austin just before the expo closes.

I left San Antonio around 11:30 am and met up with my parents literally on the road. I was able to be with them for about forty five minutes at Cabela’s near the outskirts of Austin. I continued my trip to Austin which was just another fifteen minute drive.

I arrived at the Austin Convention Center around 1:30 due to some traffic. I got the bibs and was planning on checking into the hotel but by that time it was 2:00 pm. I told Blanca I would just wait here at the expo until she arrived. At the expo I got to see and hear some very awesome motivational speakers. Tell me if you’ve heard about these guys.

Bart Yasso, the “Mayor of Running.” He has completed races in all seven continents as well as five Ironman. Don’t forget he also finished the crazy Badwater 146 in Death Valley.

Have you heard about Mr. Dick Beardsley? The 1981 London Marathon winner and better known
for his battle in Boston. He came in second only behind Alberto Salazar.


Blanca finally arrived just thirty minutes prior to closing time. We walked around a bit and then decided to have dinner. We left the vehicles there and walked a block down to congress street. There we would wait in line at Homeslice pizza. Finally after two hours of waiting we were enjoying some good pie.


After relaxing and enjoying some good Austin food we checked in at the hotel.
After settling in we prepared our race clothes.



Fast forward eight hours. We are now on location.



And about 2 hours later this was our reward.


The results! I didn’t do so well this time even though it was my fourth fastest half. I came in at 1:53:05. Blanca on the other hand actually got another personal best of 1:45:08. This is now the third half in a row she has improved her time. I’m definitely really proud of her accomplishments. Now it’s time for her to prepare for her first trail half marathon in three weeks.

There you have it folks. It was a great week. I am very excited to start using my new Garmin watch very soon too! I pray that you all have a great week. God bless each and everyone of you all stay strong and run hard.


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