Another week.. A new GOAL!!

Hi everyone. I hope you all have been doing great. We are definitely enjoying the weather change here in San Antonio. I know it has been a little more than a week but here is a recap of what has kept me busy . 

 So it is official!!! We are running in the west coast. I am very excited to announce we will be running the full marathon. Our vacations were granted and now we have begun training . I have decided to follow the Hanson’s marathon guide. I know it’ll be tough but very doable.

Some of our run group team went to run the Cowtown marathon. Unfortunately that weekend Dallas roads got icy. They decided to run their marathon the following weekend here in San Antonio. We ran out to the course to cheer on them. We later found out they ran more than the marathon distance but they finished.

looking fancy

Sunday evening we decided to go to Target. We walked there because it is maybe about a quarter mile walk. We really went to stretch our legs and have some fun. Blanca enjoyed her time for sure. 

I have also been able to take some time with family and friends. We have gone to play some disc golf and it can get competitive. I came in second only behind my uncle but ahead of Rudy; one of my very good friends.

there is my brother

This past weekend was the fourth annual Alamo 13.1 half marathon.   Blanca and I love to cheer on our team mates. We woke up really early and this is what happened.



Team Downtown Run Group


3 2 1 GO!!


There is Blanca!!


Get em Coach!!

Here is our coach Bo and soon to be father Chris. We will soon have another baby DRG companion.


Here I am with my parents. I never thought I would see my parents complete races like these.

Now that the San Francisco marathon is official we have begun our training. As mentioned in an earlier post we are trying to eat much healthier. I truly believe Blanca will qualify for Boston sonner rather than later. I have taken the challenge of not only becoming her husband, training partner but now coach as well. I am very proud of her accomplishments and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Have a great weekend. God bless each and everyone one of you. Don’t forget to Run Inspired!


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