April already?!?!?! 

Yes everyone it is officially April. Last year around April I started getting injuries and wearing my legs out. This year in April my training has kicked into full gear. I can honestly say I slacked off in January and February. In March I got on the horse and today I am feeling really good. I sure am excited to see what this years running season holds. I totally forgot Blanca and I were given free entry to run the UTSA Diploma dash. It is a 5K and also San Antonio’s city championship.

I have completed a couple of 5K in the past but never really tried my hardest. Come Saturday I will put my “first PR” on this race. From there I will have a goal to beat. 

Blanca is very busy with school and work. Praise be to God she might have found a better job that would allow her to set her own schedule. I hope and pray this helps her in the long run once Nursing school begins. (PUN not intended) or was it? 

Here’s an update on my week…


Blanca and I have begun a tradition. I sure hope we can stick to it because our schedules might not allow it eventually. (PPLT) Pizza party lunch time. (Homemade pizza)  Inside those large cups you would find a strawberry-blueberry smoothie.

So we recently found out that one of the more well known chicago deep dish pizza restaurants is officially in San Antonio. Gino’s East has landed in the Alamo city. I’m pretty excited, I hope to visit soon.  

The other day Blanca was running around the apartment looking and searching. I was kind of nervous because she would say what was wrong. I didn’t get to capture the search but I sure did get the winning moment.  

She found her flossing gear. What a joyous day.

Last Saturday we had our winter season group picture. 


Our Downtown Run Group sign basically gives you all the info needed.

Blanca and I decided to wake up really early and run  before picture time.  As soon as that was done with we took a stroll around our second home. 

The Pearl brewery offers so many things. Aside from being able to lease there, you can also find ten restaurants, weekly events and the  farmers market.



It has definitely been a good week. I thank The Lord for my wife and the sport of running. Those two blessings really keep me going day in and day out. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. If you have a race I pray that it goes great for you. As always

…run inspired…


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