Tired legs Tuesday… 

Hi everyone. The weekend has ended and I hope everyone is ready for another week. There is a lot going on around these places allow me to explain. Blanca has officially began her new job and she sounds very happy which makes me happy.

This past Friday Blanca and I went for a drive and wanted to try a different pizzeria. Unfortunately it did not open until noon which would be to rushed for us before heading back to work. So we continued our drive and went towards Brackenridge park. Now remember this was the Friday before resurrection Sunday.



 Yes this happens every year. While everyone was preparing for this Sunday I was heading back home preparing for work. 

Even though Friday was a scheduled run day I decided to rest my legs. I had the UTSA diploma dash 5k and really wanted to give it my all. Blanca on the other hand had training that morning so she did complete her own 5k on the treadmill.


Here’s the following morning.


We’re off…..


  I guess it was a good day for me. I finished in 22:15 which will of officially go down as my PR. 


Later that evening after relaxing with Blanca I joined my brother and sister in law. We went to the San Antonio Scorpions season opener.



Even though we lost it is always a  wonderful experience.

Sunday morning I decided to attend church with my parents instead my own home church. After it was over I went straight home to relax because I was tired. Blanca went to work early so she would be free at 6pm.  My parents came over  and so Blanca and I made pizza and a small salad bar.


That was a good evening. After my parents left we went over to visit Blanca’s parents and came back home with some good BBQ. 

The following morning Blanca and I went for our 8 mile run. Blanca decided to wear blue and yellow as countdown to the Boston Marathon.  

As our San Francisco marathon training continues we are counting down the days for Boston. I hope everyone had a great weekend especially ressurection Sunday. Do not forget the reason we celebrate this day. God bless each and every single one of you all and do not forget to 

…Run Inspired…


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