Anticipation Sunday and USA Soccer

Good evening to all. I hope everyone is having a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. I know I have had a pretty good week. I was able to cross off an event from my bucket list. I’ll tell you more about that a bit later. 

Blanca was able to go to one of her good friends bridal shower. She definitely had a good time. In fact the day before the party I accompanied Blanca to look for a gift. Seems to me like Blanca is the one who ended up receiving a gift. 


She saw these shoes back in August while on our honeymoon. She didn’t buy them because they were $120. As we were strolling through the mall I told her to go take a peek inside Clark’s. She hesitated but went ahead. Ten minutes later she comes out with a receipt showing a purchase price of $40.

Blanca officially begun her new job which she is excited about. After today she only has one week left at her other job. I’m very excited because we will now be able to enjoy our weekend evenings together.

In other news I requested two days off last week. I really wanted to have the full fan experience. I was finally able to see my beloved USA soccer team live. Here’s how it went…..

 Tuesday afternoon Blanca dropped me off downtown so that I can enjoy the champions league match. The game was streamed on a big screen and coverage was live on television.


The champions league trophy is one of most coveted trophies in European soccer. 


Here I am with Alexi Lalas. He was one of USA best soccer players in the mid 90s.

I also got to see the Gold Cup trophy make an appearance.


Later that evening Blanca joined me downtown after she was let out of class. A fellow soccer fan from Alabama called us over and offered us a free jersey for Blanca. All we had to do was answer a trivia question. After a little thinking we answered and earned a new jersey.


Oh what a night! The following day I left around noon to the supporters tailgate. About an hour and a half before game time we started our march chanting USA USA USA!


Even though we were outnumbered to the Mexican crowd, we were louder and more passionate. 


Game time!!!

Halftime score 0-0

After the first goal this is what happened. 


Yep second row behind the goal. Here is a different angle.


USA-2 Mexico-0

Also known as 


Scratch off the bucket list.

Saturday morning I went to my second home. I arrived around 6:50 am at the Pearl Brewery and began my run around 7:10. Just over an hour later I made it back having completed 7.5 miles.  If you ever visit San Antonio look for this little baby…


Here is sit on Sunday reading and preparing for Patriots Day. Even though it’s not a holiday in San Antonio it sure is for the running community. Boston Marathon is tomorrow!!!!!!!!! 

For now is say good evening. Be ready for tomorrow is a day to celebrate. May The Lord bless you and don’t forget to 

… Run Inspired…


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