Our first official family vacation….

I have two goals. The first is to run a race in each of the fifty states. The second goal of mine is to show Blanca what I have already been able to see. After our wedding we did not waste any time and immediately hit the road. During our honeymoon we were able to make a stop in St. Louis and then made it to Chicago. This time around I wanted to show Blanca what I got to experience a couple years ago and visit the west coast. We decided to vacation in San Francisco and of course run the marathon.

My parents had plans to visit Florida this year with a couple of other families from church and those plans fell through. Blanca and I decided to ask them if they would like to join us on our west coast adventure. I immediately began a second itinerary for them. Thursday night my parents came to sleep the night so that we would all arrive at the airport together.

SAT Airport

SAT Airport

Blanca and I were off at 6:30 am from central to pacific time, our vacation has begun. When we finally arrived in SFO my parents were there waiting for us. We headed straight to the BART. It would be about a 30 min ride from SFO to Union Square.  Our plan was to go straight to the hotel and immediately begin our exploring of the city.


In my past trips I have used the City pass. City pass gives you the cities best attractions at about half the price. It really saved me some money when I used it in San Francisco and Atlanta. I think the City pass for San Francisco is one of the best because you can ride the muni as many times as you want by just showing the pass. It saves you about six dollars per trip.

We left the hotel and headed straight to Pier 39. By surprise we ended up passing right by the most crooked street in the U.S.

Lombard street is always a site to see.

At the bottom

At the bottom

Afterwards we continued our walk towards the pier. We bought our passes and we are off to our first adventure. Here is what we saw…





After our amazing ride we went to the San Francisco Marathon expo to collect our things for Sunday morning. We ate dinner that evening and finished the relaxing in the hotel ready to go the following morning.

After getting some breakfast we immediately left and caught the Muni towards Golden Gate Park. There we would find our second attraction the California Academy of Sciences.

Penguin was totally posing

Penguin was totally posing

Once we left we were off to my favorite place. It was time to visit the Exploratorium which was located in a different place from the last time I visited.


Yes it is what you think it is


Blanca is actually taller the my sister



Mini Tornado

That is why I really enjoy the Exploratorium.

Who is hungry? We definitely were and I think it was time for Blanca to finally taste some famous clam chowder on a San Francisco sourdough bread.

She thought it was good

She thought it was good

After having lunch it was time to visit the Bay. The Aquarium of the Bay that is.

View after exiting

View after exiting

Afterwards we started making our way back to the hotel we decided to go on foot. We ended up seeing beautiful views. We passed by North Beach “Little Italy” and China Town.





We finally made it to the hotel after dinner and began our resting time. The following morning we would run the Marathon which I talked about in the previous post.

After finishing the race at the Embarcadero we went back to Pier 39 to grab some post run lunch. I had a sourdough pizza and Blanca had a chili in a sourdough bowl this time. At the hotel my sister got busy doing her own thing while Blanca and my mother took a long nap. My Dad and I, well we had to watch the Gold Cup final between Mexico and Jamaica. You know there was an intense discussion between him and I.

That night we visited a pizza joint literally a block away. Hole in the wall restaurants are pretty good. The following day Blanca was going back home because she had to go to school on Tuesday so we made the most of it. We finally got on the Cable car and Blanca had a blast. We then made our way to Ghirardelli Square and went to see one of the biggest free attractions.






After enjoying the morning my love had to go back to the airport. I gave my parents directions to go visit and walk the Golden Gate Bridge. I accompanied Blanca back to the airport. I met up with my parents back at Ghirardelli Square and walked over to eat dinner at In n Out.

Blanca made home safe and sound and I was still in California. Tuesday night Blanca met me at the airport while we waited on my parents an hour later. We finally made it home and called our vacation the end.

California was great. Time to work and start planning for our next trip. I think we have already decided but will not say until then.


2 thoughts on “Our first official family vacation….

  1. Daniel and Blanca you guys look very good together in all of your pics. I really enjoyed your story too. Great work putting all together too. 🙂

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