Goodbye apartment HELLO HOME!!!

Hi everyone!

As promised here is a little bit about our new home. I never could have imagined being called a home owner at the age of twenty-seven. This could not have happened without the support of our parents. I am currently writing this on the verge of our one year anniversary this Sunday. We are just so blessed to be able to celebrate our first year together in a new home.

We can finally say that all of our belongings have now been moved here. Blanca and I have been discussing about changes we would like to make to the home. She immediately went out to buy some paint and began painting the walls of our kitchen. We really enjoyed the color gray for our walls.

The Old and New

The Old and New

We are almost done painting the walls. At some point we would really love to paint the cabinets white. It will be done one step at a time. Above you can see the old outdoor couch we had at our apartment. It looks like I got some dishes that need to be cleaned. The steak and potatoes that Blanca and I made sure were delicious.

Here is another project I jumped into. I have to take all the black paint by sanding it down. Before I started I thought this was going to be a piece of cake. I was wrong. This piece will definitely take some time.


The other day Blanca and I went for a walk to look at some stores. We bought one item. When we cook we try to do things from scratch. Blanca came back home with a little home kitchen garden.


She is trying to grow some basil and oregano. It sure does look like something is growing.


Hopefully I can use this on one of our future dishes.

Now onto the backyard. I just cut the grass the other day. I think its time for another grass cut. The weather here in San Antonio just does not give us much of a chance to do this. Here is a picture of our view from the backyard looking out.


Blanca didn’t request too much of a home but she sure wanted a BIG back yard and a porch. Now remember for Texas this is considered Big.


There is definitely enough room for running. I think an active dog would enjoy this as well. I know Blanca would be excited about that previous sentence.

Now we move onto the front yard. We can honestly say we are no experts in gardening. This is why we stick to running.


We will sure try to make some changes to our plants and such. For now it isn’t our top priority.


Here is our entrance. If you ever get invited this is what you will be seeing. Finally the great reveal. You know we really liked this house because of the open kitchen layout. We could not buy a house unless we also liked the outside.

Welcome to our home.

Welcome to our home.

Even though our kitchen is currently messy. We know that soon enough it will look like we imagined it would be. When we finish some of our project I will be more than happy to share it with you guys.

One thing Blanca and I always talk about is how blessed we are. We need to understand that all we have is never because of what we have done. What more can we ask for. Blanca and I have secure jobs, we have the freedom to do what we love in running and now we own a home. We never forget to thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for what he has blessed us with even when we know we do not deserve it.

With this new home we hope to one day raise a family and maybe even adopt a little one too. We pray to be good stewards of our home and belongings.

Thank you very much friends for sticking around. I will soon share with you all about our anniversary weekend. Have a great weekend and be blessed.


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