TWO anniversaries ONE birthday= GREAT Weekend.

It has been one amazing year. On August 16, 2014 I married the only person I can go to for anything. What else can one ask for on their birthday but to marry their best friend.

Aug. 16, 2014

Aug. 16, 2014

It has truly been a wonderful first year of marriage. In the good and in the bad we always pull through. As mentioned in the previous post we are able to celebrate our first year in a brand new home. That alone is such a blessing.

Even though our anniversary was officially on Sunday we began our celebration together on Saturday.

We started very early and woke up around 5:20 am. There is no way we would miss out on our Run Group. Our Coach is currently on vacation and so he put myself and Santino in charge of welcoming.

myself, Blanca, SANTINO, Jose

              myself, Blanca, SANTINO, Jose

Our plan was to arrive and get started. We would visit with fellow runners and then leave. After the run we overstayed a bit. We made it home around 9:15 am. We needed to get to Wimberly, Tx by 11 am. Within 15 minutes we hit the road. On the way we found out we needed to arrive by 10:30 for our orientation. At that point we almost turned around. We decided to keep going. We arrived at Wimberly Zip Lines at 11:02 and I ran to tell them we were here. They were kind enough to put us with the group getting ready to leave.

We strapped up and hit the hills on a old military vehicle. We were in such a rush we didn’t have our phone with us to take pictures. Another lady was kind enough to take our picture because we were celebrating our anniversary.


We finally made it all the way down. We were safe on the ground.

z z1

Our original plan was to drive a bit up north and spend the night in Austin. Hotel prices were starting to get expensive we decided to drive back to town. We decided to spend the night in our very own downtown.

On the drive back we stopped at Bucees in New Braunfels to finally have breakfast/lunch. After making back into town Blanca and I went to visit her mother for a bit. Afterwards we headed to our downtown to check in.


Grand Hyatt San Antonio

When we arrived self parking was full so they offered valet parking for the price of self. Upon check in the lady asked us where we were from and why. So I answered. Once she found out she offered us two free breakfast buffet at Ruth Chris Steakhouse. That was definitely a shocker and also made our day. We showered and relax for a bit because we were already up for 12 hours by this time.

When we were dating we went to theatres a lot. Since then we have not gone to the theatres in some time due to our weird schedules. That day was different and we went to the theatres. I really wanted to see Southpaw and I am sure glad we did. I really enjoyed the movie.

After the movie we were hungry once again and walked to our downtown Whataburger. If you ever visit Texas try it and tell me what you think. We decided to take our meal to go and eat it at the hotel. We ate and slept.

The following morning we awoke and got dressed to go to breakfast. The omelet station was so delicious. The overall spread was pretty amazing too.

z2 z4 z5

After finishing we went back and just relaxed until it was check out time. After checking out Blanca was making good on her promise. We went to the mall to look for birthday shoes. I own some boots and running shoes but I don’t own regular casual tennis shoes. I have kept my eyes on these Nike shoes for a long time. I never bought them because I thought they were expensive. After walking the mall I almost gave up but we decided to look at Macy’s and Dillard’s. Here is what I found.

z9 z0

The shoes I have been looking for. Instead of paying $100 for the pair I wanted, I found the gray ones for $65. Then we came across the second pair for $80 but got a discount because it was my birthday. I got two birthday pairs for $120!

After finishing these purchases we went back into town to meet Blanca’s family at La Fonda. Not only were we celebrating our anniversary and birthday, it was also Blanca’s parents anniversary. I always wondered how that restaurant would be and boy was it good.

Once we finished we drove to my parents house to be with them for a bit. It is always a good time our parents. I would say it was a nice way to end the evening.


This is our wedding cake. My mom took care of it for a full year. Blanca took a bite and mentioned the bread part was pretty good. After a good talk we drove back home. That evening Blanca’s sister Silvia went to visit for a bit to see our kitchen paint job and just to talk.

It was definitely an amazing weekend to celebrate an amazing year. We are now settled in our new home and we are ready to tackle our second year.

My advice to the guys is to do what you can to make you’re wife happy. Sometimes washing the dishes, folding the clothes and even making dinner. My advise for the ladies is to appreciate the little things he does believe me he will love it.

I want to thank everyone reading this and I hope it may be a blessing to you.


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