The last time I was on here I was talking about my anniversary and birthday. The following weekend we were able to be a part of another beautiful wedding. One of Blanca’s closest friends got married and she was the maid of honor. I really do enjoy wedding, I just prefer not to be a part of them. I know she was nervous but she definitely hit it right out of the ballpark.

There she is giving the speech. It was definitely a fantastic evening. It was also the first time I attended a wedding with a photo booth.


Congratulations to the new Merino family. Where ever they may go or end up may God bless you.

In the days following the wedding many eventful things have happened. Monday morning I went back to work with my father and Blanca had her first day of school.


I know she wouldn’t like this picture very much. Since we try to not hit traffic too hard we start the day early.

Later that week it was my sisters birthday. My mom had a dinner for her at their house and she had a close friend of hers too.

After looking around for while I came across a birthday card I knew she would love.


This worked to perfection. She really got a kick out of the card and the amount of money I gave her. I believe it was $46.57 or something close to that.


During the week we were preparing ourselves because we had a long run with our run group. The full marathoners were scheduled for 13 miles while the half marathoners were scheduled for 7. Blanca was not feeling the 13 miles and so to encourage her I told her I would run it along side her. I would say she was complaining about it a lot that morning. Here is a quick snap we took of each other at one of our glorious water stops.

WP_20150829_07_32_03_Pro WP_20150829_07_32_23_Pro

Blanca and I really don’t carry any form of hydration cups and so our hands become our cups.

The last mile really got me because I started feeling a little fatigue in my left leg. Blanca had slowed down a tad bit on mile eleven but once she got her self back she sped through the last two miles easily.



Yes I do enjoy waking up at 5:00 am on a Saturday morning to put my body through some pain. The rewarding feeling at the end is like no other. You feel great and then you can have a great time with fellow runners afterwards.

We went home and showered. We later went out to have some ice cream. This time we decided to have Amy’s Ice cream at the Quarry.


We have kept very busy. It is really tiring but also very exciting. Many changes are coming that will greatly affect our lives. I do plan on let you all know what is happening in the next post.

Do not forget we run on Saturday morning and Tuesday evening. If you need more info please take a look at the facebook page. We are just normal people with the same passion for running. You can also see all the info on my DRG blog page.

I sure do hope and pray you all are having a fantastic week. We will continue to explore our beautiful city, run, and enjoy each others company. I will be more than happy to share with you all what we are all about. Thank you very much for you’re interest and God bless you too.


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