New additions

Hi everyone! These past couple of weeks have been a little busy for both Blanca and I. Blanca continues her work and her studies. I continue to learn a new trade working with my father. Blanca has always begged me to buy her a dog. I promised we would get her one once we had our home. I honestly thought that would be quite a long time. Well I had to keep my promise and we went to Humane Society. I honestly do not know how it happened but we ended up with two pups. We were able to take them home the following day because they had to be spayed and neutered.

Allow me to introduce to you Chip and Belle.

WP_20150904_17_30_14_Pro WP_20150904_17_30_18_Pro


As you can see in the above pictures Belle is so comfortable she falls asleep while Chip is crying all the way home.

From a family of two to a family of four.

That weekend we had a 10 mile run with our run group. It rained pretty hard the night before making some of the route a bit muddy. We conquered it ! When we arrived at our starting spot we heard more good news. Downtown Run Group also known as D.R.G. is officially a trademark.

WP_20150905_08_32_31_Pro trademark

This is something that should definitely be celebrated. I am very proud to be a part of D.R.G. This is why I love my Downtown Run Group.

hard day

The following week I was able to sign the sign. What is sign the sign? We get to sign our D.R.G. sign after attending nine training days and you get a D.R.G car magnet. You can only sign you’re first name. If you attend a total of 18 times you can sig  you’re last name as well. By tradition after signing you pose with the sign.

9 times

I was able to sign on a Tuesday evening run at the zoo. On Thursday Blanca and I joined some of our training partners at a local high school for some speed work. I have never set any days aside for speed. I am so glad that it has been implemented for the first time.

speed day

This is why I really appreciate everything D.R.G. does for Blanca and I. It has helped transform many lives and boost a lot of confidence.

If you are ever visiting San Antonio or live here you are welcome to join. Click here to view our Facebook page. All the info about our events are found on here.

I hope everyone has a blessed week. Even though Blanca and I are sometimes very tired we are thankful to our Lord and Savior for his many blessings. Thank you for visiting. As always

…Run Inspired…


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