Where does the time go?

To my few readers I apologize it has been a while since my last post. Since that time lots has changed. For example our family grew once again. It has grown by number and by size. 

The unofficial official family photo. It is very interesting to see each ones personalities. They are definitely something else. 

A couple of weeks ago I planned to go see some of our church kids play soccer. Sadly it got cancelled because it rained the night before. The grounds were still wet and they didn’t want to risk damage to the fields. Instead they came over to play and visit. 


In other news, a long time friend of mine has finally tied the knot. I am very happy for him. I am very honored to have had the chance to experience this among his frinds and family.

A couple of weeks ago Blanca and I went to first Friday. We went out for a stroll. Her siblings and some friends joined us for some food truck eats. The gang then followed us to see the new improved downtown park. Here is what went down….

After being children again we went back to Blue Star district for some coffee at Halcyon. 

Working with my father has been great. This is including all our discussions. We talk about everything from politics to bible and most of all sports. Traveling for work with him has also been great. A week ago we traveled to Spring Branch, Texas and on our way out of the property we did a little exploring. It amazes me sometimes how God can create such beautiful work.

At this point we were already looking forward to Thanksgiving. 

I want to remind everyone we are still running with the best run group in town.

Visit the DRG Facebook page to see what we are all about. You can also see the section on my blog dedicated to Downtown Run Group.

I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and got plenty of rest to start the holiday season.

God bless you