Winning thanksgiving..

Blanca and I began a thanksgiving tradition. I believe this was the fifth year we do the turkey trot together. This dates back to our days of dating. This time it was a bit different. We did a new turkey trot. This one takes place in the heart of downtown and the beautiful king Williams district. We went with the intentions of having a great time but as always pushing hard! It is always a great time when you have some of your training partners there too. 


I gave it all I could that day. My all was good enough to put me in 9th for my age category. Blanca was another story. Not only did she run faster than I did this thanksgiving, she also placed. She made it to the podium.  



Blanca still owns the 4 miler time but I still have the better 3 mile. We love competition. 

One evening when Blanca was working. I put the dogs to rest as you can see.


I slowly went to the pantry.

As soon as the pantry door opens..

Here let me zoom in..


One day I asked Blanca for something. I asked her to bake cookies. So I got cookies and a show.

Cookies and a show was fantastic.              

This week was also officially the end to our Downtown Run Group summer training. 😕 This also means that the RNR Marathon is on the horizon. This is always one of the best weeks of the year. 

Even though our summer season has ended we continue to train. We have goals and we work hard to reach them. If you need any info about our free run team  click  here. You can also find more info on the run page of my blog.

Comeback to hear how marathon week went. 

God bless you!!

Romans 8:37-38