Marathon weekend and more! Part 1

It is now nearing the rock n roll marathon. A couple of our run group did the turkey trot. Marathon weekend began with the rock n roll 10K and the Downtown Run Group annual brunch. The brunch is honestly one of my favorite DRG events of the year. 

Can you guess why?

The food is great, the cheering was even better!


And of course MEB!!

Here I am with a few of my training buds.

One last picture before the BIG race.

After the race ended it was time for Blanca’s packet pick up. Off we go to the expo. 

I think Blanca was ready to … 

We were able to see MEB speak once again. Here you see Rick asking MEB a question. Rick is new to our run group and has been a special training partner to me. He has really pushed me to be a better runner.

Now it is time to relax and get ready because the next 24 hours were to be intense. 

Early Sunday morning Blanca dropped me off at one of our founders home. Here the cheering crowd would gather before heading out.  

About two hours later..

Here comes Blanca at mile eleven feeling good! 

Still smiling at mile 16!

The next time I saw Blanca was at mile 22. I would here there.Not too far from there Blanca began to struggle. She finished in under four and a half hours. I’m very proud of this young woman I get to call my wife. 

 This girl always impresses.

Overall this years marathon weekend was one to remember. If you want to be a part of this amazing group of guys and girls please click here.

Get started now and

Run inspired…

God bless you!


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