Marathon weekend and more Part 2

After the rock n roll weekend passed I thought that was the end. I ran my races and I was honestly very much disappointed. I had goals and not one was accomplished. I have absolutely nobody to blame but myself. I began to prepare my mind for next year. I had the same goals in mind but definitely more motivated. 

Days later some of my group buddies were talking about the Buffalo Hump Run. I did come across this race weeks prior but for some reason it didn’t catch my attention. I talked to Blanca about it and asked what she thought. She approved. That Friday the day before the race I went to solers sports and signed up. I decided to try the ten miler. After registering I went to see the Star Wars movies. By the way it was pretty good. 

Later that evening I went home and began to put my running gear together. When you see my pictures you’ll see absolutely nothing matched. 

Race day morning I wake up to a beautiful 32 degree day. This is freezing for us Texas people. I kissed my wonderful wife good bye and hoped for the best. She had to work that morning so I didn’t have her there physically but she was definitely in my heart. Once I arrived I got my chip for timing and tried staying warm.  


 Out of the eight DRG runners only two were doing the ten miler the others opted for five. At the start line a fellow runner John asked how much time I thought I would do. I answered honestly and said about an 1:30-1:35.

 Go! Race started!

There is something about cold weather. It is very hard for me to get up and go but I definitely have better race times when it’s cold. I ran the first mile at about 7:25. Stupid, stupid I thought! Or maybe it wasn’t. That was the beginning to one of the best races I had ever run in my life.  


This is at about mile three. If you look closely to my left. There is a guy wearing a trinity sweater. That is Mark, winner of the 2015 San Antonio rock n roll marathon. 

I was feeling good up until mile 7 when my left quad, as usual begins to act up. After being about two thirds done with the race I couldn’t give up. My pace slowed a tad bit but I kept grinding. 

This is right at the finish line. Always finishing as strong as possible. Here are my results…

Yes I did it! I paced under eight minutes and got first place in my division. 

This really came out of nowhere. I had given up on 2015 looking forward to 2016. I did great in a race I registered the before before. 

As always one last picture before heading out.  

Even though I did not reach any of my 2015 goals i did however accomplished others. One goal of mine was to place first in my age category. That came soon and unexpected. The other was to run 8 miles in under 1 hour. That one was another surprise. 

Always enter a race ready to give it you’re all! 

Looking for a run group in San Antonio? Maybe just in town for a couple of days. Come join us! All info can be found in the Downtown Run Group tab of my blog. 

Remember to always 

…run inspired…

God bless you!




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