Marathon weekend and more Part 3

After that great buffalo hump 10 miler I had plans to attend another race that evening. The third annual Illuminations half marathon. I was definitely not running the race. I was there to support some of my fellow runners. Both Blanca and I did the same last year and it was a blast. She was suppose to get off at four o’clock and the race started at 5:30 pm. I decided to meet up with her at work and head out. Good thing this year we made it on time and had no problem with parking. 

Once we arrived we searched for the restroom. Then for some coffee because it was going to be chilly.

This race takes place at the JW Marriot resort in San Antonio. After walking around for a bit we gathered the group before race time.


The race offers not only a half-marathon/relay but also a 10k and 5k. 

And they’re off..

They go out about a mile and half out then they come back around. 

Here come some of our own



Here you will find our sign for the night.

Near the very end..

Even when I am not running, it is such a joy to see others do it. Once again DRG represented well with three winners that night. 

Come Christmas Eve I went out for a small non timed five mile run. Located at one of San Antonio’s few triathlon specific gym. If you need help with training Alamo 180 can help you out.

On my way this really caught my attention.  

Here is Alamo 180.


Once we left I started pretty fast. As I was slowly passing some runners I realized there were only two runners left. One of them finished with the 5k. At that point there was only one last runner left which I struggled to catch. After pushing a bit harder and seeing him slow down a bit I passed him. I opened up a comfortable gap. Near the end there was about a quarter mile elevation gain. This is were I began my kick and eventually widened the gap. I made it back to the finish line first among the five mile runners. 

Later that evening we spent it at Blanca’s parents house. We had a great dinner and enjoyed some Chevy Chase and Christmas vacation. The following day Blanca had to work while I waited at home. Later that day we finally had the pup Christmas picture.  

A couple days later we were celebrating New Year’s Eve. We had to take some pictures.

These dogs are seriously scared of fireworks. You can see that in the first picture.  

Happy New Years y’all !

Keep running! Just keep moving. Another great year in the books. Now looking forward to new adventures. If you would like to try the new adventure of running why not start with Downtown Run Group.

As always 

…run inspired…


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