New year, new start, new adventures, new GOALS!

My goals for the new year continue to be the same. I will attempt to reach 1,000 plus miles, and have another personal best. I am specifically trying to do a sub 1:40 for the half and sub 4 hours for a full. 

Starting the new I began running more. Out of nowhere I feel a thirst to push myself once again. This is officially the beginning of my fifth year of running. I have noticed a trend in my training throughout these years. After having a successful year I bomb the one after. Following this trend this should be a positive year. 

My wife Blanca who works forty hours a week has officially begun nursing school. We leave every morning together at around 6:00 am . We see each other once again at 9:00 pm that night. As much as I enjoy her running talents and seeing her succeed. Right now her focus is work and school. She will continue go to the gym and run. She has expressed to me that she will be taking a break from serious training to focus on her education. This is possibly what gives me the strength to run twice as hard. I know for sure this is very motivating for me. I want to make her proud and have a breakout year. 

We begin our running season with the 4th annual women’s cocoa marathon. This would be the race I got engaged. You know Blanca and I had to be there for support. Blanca was on call that weekend and about five minutes before gun time she was called. 😢 She had to leave. I stayed and cheered on all these ladies pushing themselves to the limit. 

Review time! 

That morning was pretty cold. Here are this years representatives.  

And they’re off..  

I was able to see my teammates at about four locations. Most inspiring was definitely when I was waiting at mile twelve. You can there see our women digging deep to round out that final mile. 

After seeing the majority of team DRG ladies cross mile twelve I began heading back.   


 Cocoa half marathon is a great race for any local or visitor to San Antonio. The race begins and ends in la villita. You run through beautiful King Williams district, Blue Star, and along the river walk. This race is also known for great finishers medal.  

New year another race in the books. 

If you are interested or for more info about the race click here.

Don’t forget Downtown Run Group runs Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings. FREE!!! For more info visit my blog page dedicated to DRG or visit our Facebook page.

God bless each and everyone of you!

Remember to

… Run Inspired…




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