25K? sure why not..

As we begin the new year I starting thinking about the races I would like to do. Now we know you can’t run a race every weekend. It is just so darn expensive. Good thing not all races are expensive. This fact allows me to possibly run one race per month. A fellow runner and friend John Tracy was wondering if I was running the endurathon in Bulverde, Tx.  Once again it was only about three or four days prior to the race before signing up. 
Ok so here are the facts..

-I have not been running hills. I didn’t realize 😐 Bulverde was hilly 

-I didn’t take the distance into consideration (25K)

-My last official half or full race was the San Francisco marathon back in July ’15

-My training runs since July never went past twelve miles

My training after San Francisco was just not good. I could possibly have the wrong mentality but I don’t want to run half or full marathon without legitimately training. Then in December I had that great showing at the 10 mile buffalo hump run.  After that run my drive reappeared. Now I’m running a race I’m hardly even prepared for. The Friday before the race I got out of work a bit early and rushed to the We Run San Antonio store for packet pick up. After getting home I had another surprise. My first ever running hat had arrived. 

Here is Chochi modeling my new run hat. 

Come Saturday morning it is pretty cold. I had to wake up a bit early because it was a bout a forty minute drive to race start. After arriving, stretching and warming up it was go time.  

Knowing that I was not marathon fit my mind was on finishing more than anything. Guess what. Daniel decided to start fast. Well, my type of fast. At about mile eight I was still averaging a 7:45 pace but little by little began slowing down. I know that it was not necessarily my pace that slowed me down but the hills. They hills were tough especially when I wasn’t hill ready.  

As you can tell I was still feeling pretty comfortable.  

Here is a glimpse of what we went through.  There was a point in the race that was uphill for about three miles. 

Nearing the end I kept pushing even though my quad decided to make an appearance as usual.  

At this point it was heart and more heart. I was hoping to finish with a time of 2:10 or less. Well I just missed my mark. This is what a 2:11 (25K) got me this year in my age category. 

 I finished 2015 with an age category 1st place. Now I begin 2016 with a 25K first place age category win. I know I can do better once I’m marathon fit but I am more than happy with this result. 
Always thank you to the competitive spirit of my friend John Tracy. I will eventually get to you’re level. Be ready I’m calming you’re way. 

Another beautifully coordinated race. Now I know why it’s called the hill country. January down, February is coming. 

Our run group just got some big news. I will tell in my next post be ready. 

If you are looking for a run group. Check out our Facebook page by clicking here.

Remember to always

…run inspired…


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