A little bit of everything

I recently told Blanca that I would try to write a blog once a week. I figured Sunday’s would be the day I review how our week was. I would love to share our greatest moments as well as our difficult times. We would see how we were able to overcome it. This blog first started with the intention of sharing my running experiences. I will continue to do so. I would also like to share our lives and show you how our mighty savior Jesus has been a blessing to us. 

I would like to take a quick moment here to congratulate our top three men and women representing the USA in Brazil. I believe we have a strong enough team to bring home a medal or two in the Olympic marathon. Congrats to first time marathoner Galen Rupp and Amy Cragg for the first place finish. 

The following Monday my father and I drove to Shiner, TX to do a sample job. While there we had the opportunity to see a little bit of the factory. Now I do not drink alcohol but that doesn’t mean I not amazed by mans creativity. This is for all you Shiner beer lovers. 


Before labeling

Boxes assembled

Bottles packaged and preparing to ship

It was a great morning.

Since Blanca started school it has been very difficult for us to spend much time during the week. We make the most of the times we do have together. Friday’s have become our date nights because we usually both have the evening off. I am always seeking something new or unique to do as this Friday was no different. This Friday we were short for time so we decided to grab some food on our way downtown. 

We actually arrived early enough to go grab some gelato. After many months of trying to try the new place we finally had our chance. A La Mode Company is located in the Blue Star district near King Williams. Blue Star is a nice place to spend the evening for dinner,coffee or just to take a stroll. This evening included some gelato. 

They have great gelato. They also serve paninis and have some board games to enjoy. Not sure if I’ll declare it the best gelato I have ever tried, but it is definitely   a place worth visiting. Fantastic time with a fantastic wife. After finishing we were off to the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. I’ll let the picture explain.  

We had tickets to attend opening night. We were going to watch Mi Familia. (1995) I was eight years old when the film first came out. After the film there would be a Q&A with some of the films stars. 


Almost forgot here is a picture of Blanca and I. 

Take a closer look!

This event was something new for both Blanca and I. 

The following morning Blanca had to work. I also woke up early to do my weekly Saturday morning run at the Pearl Brewery. This morning everyone was running a shorter distance. I went ahead a good 7 miles. After returning and chatting for a bit some of the running friends went out for a good breakfast. Not far from the Pearl Brewery are several good restaurants. This time we decided that Tycoon Flatts was this morning choice. Here we are awaiting our hearty breakfast.  

When I say DRG family I truly mean family. We do much more than just run together. 

If you feel like this is you’re year of running come give us out a try. We would love to have you. 

Click here to learn more about this fantastic group. 

As always remember to

… Run Inspired…


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