Pounding that pavement, tasting the world 

 Currently sitting at the place I consider my second home. The Pearl brewery offers many great restaurants, ice cream and an ideal location to start your training run.    

In the last post Blanca signed up for a monthly subscription. I always heard stories about my wife loving her treats.  We signed up for the monthly Treats subscription.  I guess we made the cut because we received our box the following week.  

Almost feels like Christmas! Now what is so special about this Treats box? Each box will contain treats from a foreign country.  

Can you guess?   

Treats from Netherlands!  

Now we await next months surprise. 

Blanca and I recently participated in the city managers 5k. This race is for all city employees, family and friends. I will never decline a race that cost me $7.00. I guess it was meant to be because Blanca also had that Saturday off!  

This race began at the Seaworld parking lot. We then made our way into the park. I was right in thinking there would be some inclines. I remember being young and having to walk up those ramps to get to the show.  I started pretty fast and slowed down a bit as the race went on. 

Here are my results! 

I got a PR of 00:24 seconds! I also finished 8th in my age category. 

Now on to the best! 

Blanca passed me up a little after the first mile. I just remember letting her know that she was doing great and to give it her all.  

Yup that’s right she is women’s first overall. I couldn’t believe it! 

This was definitely a fantastic race. Especially when doing it with great family and friends. 


My dad and myself recently went to Shiner, Texas for a job. We were staying 18 miles away in Gonzales,Texas.  

I didn’t realize how much history this little town of Gonzales lies there. Aside from working hard we took the little time off to explor the little town. The town of Shiner has Shiner beer. The town of Gonzales has the …

Come and take it canon. Yes, the real canon.  

I also visited my third jail. First was Eastern State Pen in Philly. I later visited Alcatraz in San Francisco. I can now say Gonzales County Jail.  

You can easily make a weekend out of it. 

After along week I was able to come back and enjoy the weekend with my wife. 

That Friday we visited the Southtown and Bluestar. We had a great evening at first Friday walking around the art galleries. After a while we decided to finally try one of the restaurants we’ve had on our list for sometime. Feast was a fantastic experience.  


It was perfect. We had great food, great weather, and perfect seats to people watch. 

The following morning was our DRG morning. Blanca ran 10 miles while I joined my fellow runner Rick to run a full 13.1 miles. 

For more info about our run group visit our Facebook page.

Do you have any monthly subscriptions worth exploring?

What are your favorite restaurants?