Colfax Denver City Marathon weekend Part 1.

I apologize. It has been a while since I last reported on any life events or races. One of the biggest races this year has come and gone. This was a fantastic weekend for my wife and I. Our flight was set to go out Saturday morning at 6am CST. This was truly suppose to be a one night trip. 

We saw that there were a couple of Friday night flights to Denver which were not sold out. We took a risk. We both met at the airport right after work. After clearing security we attempted to switch flights and that was a total fail. We decided to go have dinner at the airport with the belief we were stuck there over night. We decided to go sit at our terminal and wait. To our surprise we were granted flight switch with only five passengers left to board. 

We were overwhelmed with joy. 

When we arrived we scrambled to find hospitality nearby. Within ten minutes we were on a small charter on our way. 

The following morning our goal was to find a delicious breakfast. It is tradition of ours to find a good local breakfast spot on all of our trips. This was also the first time we tried Uber. 

This time we came across…. 

I believe this was the kitchen sink.

Following our delicious breakfast we were off to the expo. 

That’s were the expo is.


After enjoying the expo it was time find our hotel. 

If the good Lord allows us to return one day we will definitely stay at the Art hotel again. The Friendly staff told us about the art run. We decided to see what this mile high altitude is all about. 

This was a fantastic 2.5 mile run that took us around downtown Denver. Here is a bit of what we saw.

After the cow we were around the corner from the Art hotel. After a small break and freshening up it was time for some Denver city dinner. The staff gave us many options and so we decided to go with Avanti. Avanti is very similar to food trucks but inside a two story building. Instead food trucks it seems as though they are inside box car. 

I have never seen anything like it in San Antonio. After a fantastic dinner it was time to head back to the Art and relax. 

The following day was going to be the test.