Colfax Denver City Marathon Weekend Part 2

Once we settled into our hotel Saturday night Blanca went straight to sleep. I didn’t see her prepare her clothes or even set an alarm. I began to prepare for the following morning because I sure didn’t want any bumps the following morning. 

Race List

  • Complete uniform
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Bib
  • Hats
  • Backpack

I once read that it would be a great idea to make you’re running man. This would help you wake up and be ready in minutes. Here is Denver City marathon running man. 

As you can see I also had our bibs ready to go. After taking this photo shoot it was my turn to hit the sack. 

The following morning we awoke tired but excited. Having been about 2.5 miles from start line, I was surprised not to see another runner in our hotel. We immediately called for an Uber.

This was our view from inside the hotel waiting for our Uber. We immediately jumped in and off we were to pick up another runner from a hotel a few blocks down. By the time we arrived to Denver City Park we literally had 15 minutes before start time. We had to use the facilities and rushed to bag drop. After having a 2-3 minute stretch (not recommended) we were forced to enter our corral number four. 

After about 4 minutes we were off. This course is an out and back. 

Here is a small preview. 

Once we started we had to be smart and not get to excited. I know we started pretty fast and I had to force my self to slow down. I placed myself behind a couple which forced me to slowdown my pace. After about 2 miles I thought we can pick up the pace. The first half had us running down their river walk that runs all the way to this place.

This part of the course was definitely unforgettable.

 After the stadium we continued into other neighborhoods heading towards Sloan Lake. 

Once we ran around the whole lake we ended up at a university which was the halfway point. Right there is where I left Blanca behind to per sure my best time. By this time all the inclines had been finished and now the rest was flatter. 

This race was was definitely a great experience. The weather was perfect. There was plenty of crowd support and volunteers. I was very happy with the fact that they had plent of water and Gatorade every 2 miles from beginning to end. 

I was able to cross the finish libe after much cramping. With noticeable soreness I went to retrieve our bag. I retuned back to finish line to wait for my wife to cross as well. She had a difficult time in this race. With limited training die to work and school I am very proud of her effort. To my surprise when I least expected it she came running down to cross the finish! With each other’s support we were able to grab an Uber back to our hotel. 

Our weekend was beginning to wrap up. Before heading back to the airport we had to grab some food. 

Later that evening I was able to find out what our official time were. Even though Blanca didn’t have a great race she was still able to run better than all my other full marathon times. I was able to pull of a new personal best. 

I would very much recommend this race. There were many positives that I mentioned earlier. A little under a month later I have yet to think of a negative to this race. My weekend with my beautiful wife was excellent. I cannot wait to see that is in store later this year. God willing we can have another experience similar to this one soon. 

If want to meet some new friends, and become more active join me and many others at The Pearl Brewery. We meet every Saturday at 7 or 8 am. 

For more info click on the link below.

Downtown Run Group
Thank you for you’re time and 

God Bless