The Big return…

Where do I begin? In the last entry I reviewed the Colfax Denver Marathon. I had an amazing outing while my wife struggled a bit. The following week I had registered for a 25k and figured I would be fine. I was completely wrong! I did not let my body recover and dove right into another race. I will let some pictures explain my pain. 

From a previous 2:11- 25k in January to 2:29K in May . 

I have learned my lesson. I will make sure to recover from a marathon before racing immediately after. 

I am happy to have run this race in support to all of our American Heroes. 
In the following weeks I began to struggle. For several weeks I struggled running a short 5K. Frustration began to overtake me. At this point I was panicking because I had a half marathon relay race coming up mid June. I did not want disappoint my teammates. 

Come race day we were ready to go!! The previous year we came in 6th place. Our goal this year was to top that. I feel we were a little faster. I knew I was faster I just didn’t know if my body would show up. 

Once the results came in we were happy to have come in 3rd place! Definitely a better result than the previous year. I believe we can win 1st coed next year. 

My legs were present that day. Even though I performed well that day the following couple weeks I was still struggling. The Big return was coming! Not just for myself but also for my wife. 

We are currently in the middle of our free training season. If you would like to join just ask. Or visit our run page for more info. 

Come back to see the progress we have made. 


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