Year of ups and downs

The year of 2016 has come to an end. As I think and reflect about the last 365 days I give thanks to God. I give thanks because he is there with me through the ups and the downs. Some goals were reached and others we have to retry. 

I began 2016 with the hopes of 

1.     Running 1,000 miles 

2.     Break 1:40 half marathon

3.     PR for the marathon

These were the results 

1.     I ran 950.9 miles 😑

2.     I ran 1:45 half marathon😑

3.     Ran 4:04 Colfax Denver Marathon🎉

(Set a new 5K pr of 21:03 beating my old time by more than a minute)

I wouldn’t call it a great success even though I did come close. This year we had to say goodbye to some of our run group friends. 😔 When you say goodbye there are always some new hellos. My downtown run group is an amazing family to have. I will soon announce my new goals for 2017. They will be very similar to the goals I set for myself in 2016. My wife had a fantastic year finishing on the podium on the majority of our races. She was able to PR on the half marathon and overtake my personal best half. 

This year we traveled. We traveled with friends to New Orleans, ran the marathon in Denver and visited a goodbye in Orlando. What a year of traveling it was with my partner in crime. 

Besides run goals both Blanca and I have some big aspiration to start the year. We hope and pray that God grants us his blessing to do great. 

We thank each and every person who allowed us to spend time with them wither through travel, breakfast after run group, or simply your time. 

Now let’s celebrate God provision towards us. Let’s thank him for the year we leave behind and the new year we will be receiving. 

Be safe my friends!! 

And Feliz AÑO Nuevo!!

… Run inspired…