Already March?!?! 

Where does the time go? The new year brought new goals of which once again I hope to achieve. My wife and I have been going through some ups and downs in this new year. The obvious was starting our business.

We hope and pray for the Lord’s provision for the success in this. 

Both Blanca and myself have begun the year on a good foot, literally. We have been active in putting in our miles. We have decided to venture out and learn from a former professional. We have begun speed workout. Even though we do not exactly have a set schedule most weeks look pretty similar. 

Monday- speed workout

Tuesday-short to mid run

Wednesday- stretch,roll

Thursday- short to mid

Friday- stretch and relax

Saturday- Long run

Sunday – REST!!

Tonight is our speed day. It is just one of those training days that gets the best out of you. It is tonight but very rewarding. I have the Chaskis 8K this Saturday in Old Town Helotes and hope to put on a great performance. Blanca recently found out that she has a free race entry to the Helotes Beer Garden Run due to the dermatologist sponsorship. 

This past weekend I was able to take Banca to a nice restaurant I once visited in Kerrville, Tx. Here is the short recap…

She loved it. 

If you need some run friends, guidance or encouragement please join one of two groups. You can join both.

… Run inspired…


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