Downtown Run Group

If you are currently residing in San Antonio, Texas or just here visiting we are here for you. We are Downtown Run Group better known as DRG. We are made up of all shapes, sizes, speed and experience. If you like people and running then this is definitely the place for you. Our usual running season begins in the summer as we prepare for the Rock n Roll San Antonio Marathon. Our team has branched out and visited all over the U.S. and even overseas.

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If you are interested or just curious please stop by and give it a try.

We are currently in our summer season. Our current start times are 6 am or 7 am. We begin at the Pearl Brewery parking lot near the river walk. We also have our Tuesday evening runs from the zoo parking lot at 6:30 pm. Please look for our Downtown Run Group truck and ask for Bo or look for our DRG Mobile.


DRG Founders

DRG Founders

2014 Season Picture

2014 Season Picture

If you have any questions regarding our Downtown Run Group please do not hesitate to send a message. Please insert your info.


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