The Year is nearing its end.

So much has happened to both Blanca and myself this year. If I’m being honest this has been the toughest year in many aspects of our lives.

Coming off a tough marathon race this year it was time to cheer on my wife Blanca. Blanca herself had a tough marathon training season yet she was ready to tackle the half marathon. Blanca raced the BCS Half (Bryan-College Station) while we had other friends running the full.

I was tracking her progress and saw that she was on personal record or PR pace. Her previous PR was a 1:44 and now she crosses the finish at…..1:42 beating her previous best by a whole 2 minutes.

She is celebrating her time with a fist pump. I am very proud of her especially after a rough training season. Not to long after the race we began our journey back to San Antonio.

After what seemed to be a long drive back we finally made it. Time to focus on the upcoming week.

Monday came around and it was time for me to go on my second run. This Monday I ran with IAAP training and completed 5 miles with Belle. She did fantastic! I felt pretty good on this particular day. The rest of the week I was kept busy working on some stuff preparing myself for the upcoming year. I was able to squeeze in a run on Wednesday and let me tell you it was not that easy.

I went out and got it done.

Friday night we went to go visit my wife’s mother. We had dinner and were catching up. It turned into one of those nights when before you know it 11 o’clock rolls around and we had to go.

The following morning or shall I say the following day Blanca and I had two birthday parties to attend. The first was less than half a mile from our apartments which was great. Our friend Kim was celebrating her birthday with friends and a friendly game of bubble soccer. I have to say that was one of the best times I’ve had in quite some time.

This definitely has to be an exciting way to celebrate the day of your birth. Once the fun was over 😓 we went to The Pearl Brewery to have some lunch. We decided on the food hall located right in the heart of The Pearl. I’ve always enjoyed Christmas but as I’ve grown older I have come really love this time of year. The decorations just look so nice and truly makes it feel like Christmas in San Antonio. We finished our lunch and had to rush back because the rain was not going to stop. We arrived home and started working on some pending chores before we were to head right back out that door. Later that evening we were enjoying the company of my wife’s co-workers and family celebrating the 40th birthday of one of her colleagues. The fun and laughter continued through the night but eventuality our time had arrived. We had to go home to our pup Belle. Not too long after we were all closing our eyes and calling it a night.

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Daniel and Blanca Martinez


Just another week in April.

After a good weekend it was time to do it all over again. Monday’s are unpredictable. What am I trying to say. I never enjoy speed work itself but I can’t wait to get started. It’s temporary pain. It seems to be paying off. This Monday our coach was sick so he decided to warm up and take some pictures. 

As you can see Speed coach is still working on his selfie skills. Definitely getting better. 😅

As you can see Blanca is keeping up with the quick men. If you squint you can see me coming around the corner. 

Never easy, always satisfying. 

Speaking of speed work. Here is what our week looked like. 

Monday- 1 mile warm up (fartleks) (2 min 5k pace)( 2 min slow )x 6 (1 mile cool down)

Tuesday- 4 mile (ended up being half marathon pace)

Wednesday- 1 mile warm up (6×600) 1 mile cool down 

Thursday- stretch, core, roll

Friday- stretch

Saturday- 7 mile (negative splits) will be adding more mileage

Thursday we were able to get together with our bible study and have some great fellowship time. We got to catch up with each other and shared many laughs together. 

Blanca and I have been recording some routes to add to our Downtown Run Group YouTube page which you can check out by clicking on here. 

Here is Blanca editing the video. 

Having been at the Pearl I finally took Blanca to have a bite at Green. 

After having lunch and finishing with the video it was time to play some disc golf. Have you ever played? 

Santino was able to join us on this round. He’s a quick learner. He came out ahead. 

A little bit of Saturday. 

It was a great week overall. 

Here are some helpful links

IAAP Training
Downtown Run Group
Downtown Run Group YouTube
…and introducing our new YouTube page South Texas Runners. Blanca and I will be recording some of our very own adventures. We will also be doing some race recaps as we cheer on our city’s runners. 

See you next week!!!

April is here…

April 1st began in the small town of New Braunfels. It was a little past midnight when I had to prank my good friend Rick. He was waiting for Nancy and Blanca to come in from their 7 mile leg during the Ragnar. Shortly after they arrived Blanca and I decided it was time to head home. 

We took it easy that Saturday. We were definitely exhausted. Our Saturday long run was replaced by the runs we did with our Ragnar Partners. We planned to go support more of our run friends the following morning at the HEB Alamo City Run Fest Half Marathon, 10K and 5K. Two things happened that morning. We didn’t wake up on time and the event got cancelled due to runners safety. 

After this cancelation I began to see many of our run colleagues “earn” their medal. Many went out that evening to run 13.1 miles. Other runners made it up the following Monday and Tuesday. 

Monday made a return and it was time to get back on the road. 

Monday- Speed work (fartleks) 1 mile warm up (2:00 min 5k pace- 2:00 min rest) 1 mile cool down. 

Tuesday- 4 miles (comfortable pace)

Wednesday- we had bible study

Thursday- made up for Wednesday (5miles)

Friday- core work- stretch-roll

Saturday- long run (7 miles) 


Blanca had chosen a 5k to compete in. We wanted to see if she would be able to PR. It looks like that will not be the case. I on the other hand have been given the opportunity to be a part of Texas a largest 10K. I will be running the 40th Captial 10K on Sunday the 23rd. 

Before that event we will be covering one of Downtown Run Groups very own Jonathan Gillis as he competes in The Woodlands full Iron Man. We are very excited to experience this great event. He had trained and even has had to give up 13 hr days for this. He is sure to make us all proud. 

Recently Blanca had the idea of recording some of our routes run with Downtown Run Group. After we got the “approval” we began filming. 

You can watch the first video and subscribe by clicking on the link DRG YouTube

Blanca and I have to always give thanks to  

Downtown Run Group and IAAP Training who have both played a major roles in our running successes. 

Back to racing. 

Lately Blanca and I have been attending many races to support our team. Recently  both Blanca and myself have had the chance to run ourselves. My race came at a surprise because I was not planning on running it. The Alamo 13.1 held a small Facebook contest of which I decided to comment on. 

I was chosen as a winner. I could not say that I was half marathon “ready.” I have definitely been running many miles. I began to mentally prepare myself for that upcoming Sunday. 

That following Saturday Blanca went on a 4 mile run while I put in 2 miles. We visited the Farmers market after our run with Downtown Run Group. 

After making a couple of purchases we headed home. Blanca was attending a baby shower as I went to packet pick up. The following day was race day. 

Team Downtown Run Group (DRG)

Though I didn’t get my personal best I sure did well. 1:45:57. Alamo 13.1 half marathon is definitely a great race that begins and ends in front of the Alamo. 

The following day was speed work but due to many races and racers we went on a 5 mile run.


Monday-5 miles

Tuesday-4 miles

Wednesday-1 mile warmup   6×600 speed 1 mile cool down 

Thursday- stretch and roll

Friday- rest

Saturday- Blanca race Helotes Beer Run 5K

This Saturday Blanca was able to run the Helotes Beer Run on behalf of her employer. This is her first race since taking 2nd overall in the Cocoa Women’s 5k back in January. 

Helotes is know for being very hilly. Blanca pushed hard and it seems as though her speed work has been paying off. She took womens first overall in 21:19. Blanca did fantastic. 

Thank you to our support team

Downtown Run Group

IAAP Training 

If you are ever in San Antonio and are looking for a run to join, here are two great and welcoming teams. 

Remember to always run inspired

Continue March-Ing on!

Last time time around I mentioned our training has been on the up and up. Well since then…. it is still going. It has officially been three weeks we began our speed work with iaap training. In such a short period of time I can personally say we will see some improvements if we can keep it up. 

Why wouldn’t I take advantage of having a former professional as a coach. Monday’s are painful but so satisfying. 
Last week was full of events. Saturday I was able to take part in the Chaskis 8k. The race takes place in the small town of Helotes and put on by a business organization at UTSA. The race supports renovation projects in Peru.

I was able to take 1st in my age category this time. 

Male age 25-29

The following day our good friend Walter was running the Prickly Pear 50k. We decided to go support him and a few others from our running community. Blanca decided to pace him for the first 10 miles. 

Walter did a great 4:45!

After the race Blanca and I decided to try out the new breakfast spot. Snooze just opened a couple weeks ago and boy was it delicious. 

We will be back. 

Running week consisted of.

Sunday-10 miles

Monday- 1 mile warmup 6-2 minute fartleks 

Tuesday- 7 miles

Wednesday- 1 mile warmup  6×600

Thursday – stretch 

Friday- rest

Saturday – 4 miles 
All of our credit goes to…

IAAP training

Downtown Run Group 

Remember to always run inspired

Labor Day Whine Run

So what are we to do on Labor Day? Blanca and I thought it would be great to do the Labor Day 5 miler. The race would take place at the Dry Comal Creek Vinyards and Winery. We had a little under an hour drive from our home to the winery. 

As soon as we arrived we rushed to the same day registration table. Once we got our numbers we began our small walk to the start line. The second we arrived the national anthem began and off we were. 

I heard this race was hilly. I very much agree. I had a quick start. At about 2 miles in my wife passed right by me and never looked back. 

I know we both left it out there. 

The race runs through a neighborhood near the winery. The after party was held at the actual winery. As you can see in the pictures above Blanca was smiling and I was… Let’s just say I was concentrating.

It is pretty difficult to settle on a pace especially when it is a 5 mile race. I’m used to 5k, 10k half and fulls. You don’t want to come out to fast but at the same time you do not want to to fall too far behind. I would put this race under the hilly category and possibly under the yearly must do.

I definitely to recommend the race especially if you enjoy running on a holiday weekend. It is a great way to enjoy Monday with fiends and family. 

This picture is a copy of an art piece in Austin, Tx. Enjoyed our time there awaiting for race results. 

Male 25-29     38:31

Female 20-24     37:56

I came in a close 2nd place

Blanca took home the 1st 

Some trophies and grapes. 

We had my brother,sister in law and one of closest friends Jonathan join us the afternoon. We drove to Lockhart, Tx (bbq capital of Tx) to refuel. We visited a couple of antique stores and then made our way to the outlets stores. While my wife and Jessica stayed there the three guys left a bit early. We left to help Jonathan do some car shopping. It was definitely a day to remember. 

This race is definitely a must do and possibly a yearly repeat. The race was organized by SARR San Antonio Road Runners.  

Are you interested in running? Do you need help or simply need the help of others? 

Join us at Downtown Run Group. All info is located on the link right above. 

You can also ask me. 

The beginning of a new season and adventures

Here we are once again. My wife and I both coming from different running struggles yet ready for a new season. 

Where’s Daniel and Blanca?

After our group pictures we begin the season with the Alamo Run. It is a simple four mile run to the Alamo and back. 

Many new faces and some that have sadly moved on to other places. Every new year brings new adventures. 

I began to feel great once again. In such a short period of time Blanca began to gain momentum. She is finally able to go on Tuesday and Saturday runs. 

Both Blanca a I began running new routes near our neighborhood. She would also wake up really early and take the pups on a 3 mile run before work. 

I know Blanca has great potential. With a new work schedule she is finally able to train “full time”. 

On a Saturday evening we were ready to spend the evening at my brothers house. A couple hours before a friend of mine sent me a message seeking a runner to complete his relay race team. I accepted and immediately got ready because time was running out. 

Each leg was 1.75 miles but they were tough. As you can see the route is completely sand. After completing my leg I had to head out because my brother was waiting for me. 

We finished in 2nd place. Not a bad result. 

The following weekend Blanca and I spent some time at the children’s museum. No, we did not go volunteer or work but instead to go play. 

A couple times a year San Antonio Children’s museum opens in the evening for an adults only night. 

This was a fantastic Friday evening. Adults do get tired having fun too. Once we were done we went straight home because the following morning we had our training run. 

Both Blanca and I decided to compete in races more often. We have been watching more and more running videos. Since that time we have begun a more strict running schedule with including speed work and even trail running. I will write more on that soon.

Recaps on the…

Labor Day Whine Run 

San Antonio Zoo Relay Race

Loteria Run 

will be covered in the upcoming blogs.

If you have any questions about my beautiful city all you have to do is ask. Though not an expert I am sure to provide info for you from food to theatre and local events. 

If you are interested in joining or just visiting our group runs visit 

Completely free!! 

Our goals are to run a marathon in every state. 

Make sure to visit our state checklist and records tab. 

Where do you live?

 Is there a marathon offered? 

What is a must do in your town?

Have you complete any recent races?

25K? sure why not..

As we begin the new year I starting thinking about the races I would like to do. Now we know you can’t run a race every weekend. It is just so darn expensive. Good thing not all races are expensive. This fact allows me to possibly run one race per month. A fellow runner and friend John Tracy was wondering if I was running the endurathon in Bulverde, Tx.  Once again it was only about three or four days prior to the race before signing up. 
Ok so here are the facts..

-I have not been running hills. I didn’t realize 😐 Bulverde was hilly 

-I didn’t take the distance into consideration (25K)

-My last official half or full race was the San Francisco marathon back in July ’15

-My training runs since July never went past twelve miles

My training after San Francisco was just not good. I could possibly have the wrong mentality but I don’t want to run half or full marathon without legitimately training. Then in December I had that great showing at the 10 mile buffalo hump run.  After that run my drive reappeared. Now I’m running a race I’m hardly even prepared for. The Friday before the race I got out of work a bit early and rushed to the We Run San Antonio store for packet pick up. After getting home I had another surprise. My first ever running hat had arrived. 

Here is Chochi modeling my new run hat. 

Come Saturday morning it is pretty cold. I had to wake up a bit early because it was a bout a forty minute drive to race start. After arriving, stretching and warming up it was go time.  

Knowing that I was not marathon fit my mind was on finishing more than anything. Guess what. Daniel decided to start fast. Well, my type of fast. At about mile eight I was still averaging a 7:45 pace but little by little began slowing down. I know that it was not necessarily my pace that slowed me down but the hills. They hills were tough especially when I wasn’t hill ready.  

As you can tell I was still feeling pretty comfortable.  

Here is a glimpse of what we went through.  There was a point in the race that was uphill for about three miles. 

Nearing the end I kept pushing even though my quad decided to make an appearance as usual.  

At this point it was heart and more heart. I was hoping to finish with a time of 2:10 or less. Well I just missed my mark. This is what a 2:11 (25K) got me this year in my age category. 

 I finished 2015 with an age category 1st place. Now I begin 2016 with a 25K first place age category win. I know I can do better once I’m marathon fit but I am more than happy with this result. 
Always thank you to the competitive spirit of my friend John Tracy. I will eventually get to you’re level. Be ready I’m calming you’re way. 

Another beautifully coordinated race. Now I know why it’s called the hill country. January down, February is coming. 

Our run group just got some big news. I will tell in my next post be ready. 

If you are looking for a run group. Check out our Facebook page by clicking here.

Remember to always

…run inspired…

New year, new start, new adventures, new GOALS!

My goals for the new year continue to be the same. I will attempt to reach 1,000 plus miles, and have another personal best. I am specifically trying to do a sub 1:40 for the half and sub 4 hours for a full. 

Starting the new I began running more. Out of nowhere I feel a thirst to push myself once again. This is officially the beginning of my fifth year of running. I have noticed a trend in my training throughout these years. After having a successful year I bomb the one after. Following this trend this should be a positive year. 

My wife Blanca who works forty hours a week has officially begun nursing school. We leave every morning together at around 6:00 am . We see each other once again at 9:00 pm that night. As much as I enjoy her running talents and seeing her succeed. Right now her focus is work and school. She will continue go to the gym and run. She has expressed to me that she will be taking a break from serious training to focus on her education. This is possibly what gives me the strength to run twice as hard. I know for sure this is very motivating for me. I want to make her proud and have a breakout year. 

We begin our running season with the 4th annual women’s cocoa marathon. This would be the race I got engaged. You know Blanca and I had to be there for support. Blanca was on call that weekend and about five minutes before gun time she was called. 😢 She had to leave. I stayed and cheered on all these ladies pushing themselves to the limit. 

Review time! 

That morning was pretty cold. Here are this years representatives.  

And they’re off..  

I was able to see my teammates at about four locations. Most inspiring was definitely when I was waiting at mile twelve. You can there see our women digging deep to round out that final mile. 

After seeing the majority of team DRG ladies cross mile twelve I began heading back.   


 Cocoa half marathon is a great race for any local or visitor to San Antonio. The race begins and ends in la villita. You run through beautiful King Williams district, Blue Star, and along the river walk. This race is also known for great finishers medal.  

New year another race in the books. 

If you are interested or for more info about the race click here.

Don’t forget Downtown Run Group runs Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings. FREE!!! For more info visit my blog page dedicated to DRG or visit our Facebook page.

God bless each and everyone of you!

Remember to

… Run Inspired…



Marathon weekend and more Part 3

After that great buffalo hump 10 miler I had plans to attend another race that evening. The third annual Illuminations half marathon. I was definitely not running the race. I was there to support some of my fellow runners. Both Blanca and I did the same last year and it was a blast. She was suppose to get off at four o’clock and the race started at 5:30 pm. I decided to meet up with her at work and head out. Good thing this year we made it on time and had no problem with parking. 

Once we arrived we searched for the restroom. Then for some coffee because it was going to be chilly.

This race takes place at the JW Marriot resort in San Antonio. After walking around for a bit we gathered the group before race time.


The race offers not only a half-marathon/relay but also a 10k and 5k. 

And they’re off..

They go out about a mile and half out then they come back around. 

Here come some of our own



Here you will find our sign for the night.

Near the very end..

Even when I am not running, it is such a joy to see others do it. Once again DRG represented well with three winners that night. 

Come Christmas Eve I went out for a small non timed five mile run. Located at one of San Antonio’s few triathlon specific gym. If you need help with training Alamo 180 can help you out.

On my way this really caught my attention.  

Here is Alamo 180.


Once we left I started pretty fast. As I was slowly passing some runners I realized there were only two runners left. One of them finished with the 5k. At that point there was only one last runner left which I struggled to catch. After pushing a bit harder and seeing him slow down a bit I passed him. I opened up a comfortable gap. Near the end there was about a quarter mile elevation gain. This is were I began my kick and eventually widened the gap. I made it back to the finish line first among the five mile runners. 

Later that evening we spent it at Blanca’s parents house. We had a great dinner and enjoyed some Chevy Chase and Christmas vacation. The following day Blanca had to work while I waited at home. Later that day we finally had the pup Christmas picture.  

A couple days later we were celebrating New Year’s Eve. We had to take some pictures.

These dogs are seriously scared of fireworks. You can see that in the first picture.  

Happy New Years y’all !

Keep running! Just keep moving. Another great year in the books. Now looking forward to new adventures. If you would like to try the new adventure of running why not start with Downtown Run Group.

As always 

…run inspired…