New Trade, New members, New Training

There has definitely been a lot of change at the Martinez home. It is a good thing that Blanca and I are used to change. Maybe we are okay with trying new things. As mentioned in the previous post we are now dog owners.


Several nights ago we had some rain here. Blanca decided to wash her vehicle the following day and allow the pups to play outside. Blanca was telling me how the pups were playing in the mud slipping and sliding. You know the pups have showered in the tub more than myself. Just like adults after some exercise and a shower you end up taking a nap.

In such a short period of time they grew. When they went for their first check-up they were about 10lbs. Just recently they went to get their next set of shots and they now weigh 14lbs. I can easily see the difference. Now that they received their 4 month shots they can officially see more of this world.

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They look pretty happy to explore beyond our home. It has now been one and a half months since I switched over jobs. Working with my father has been such a great time. I have come to learn and understand what it took for him to put a roof over my head and food on the table. I can easily say he and I make a pretty good team. Here is a little sample of what we have done.


Here is the before and after from a boys restroom at an elementary school.

A couple of days ago my father and I drove to Austin to do a job. Here is the view we had.


After completing this blog I have to get my clothes packed. We are headed to do a big job in Laredo.

This is the first year that I have officially done speed work. I have been doing about six 400s only because I and hesitant to jump to 800s. This past Thursday while Blanca was walking the pups I tried my first set of 800s. My goal was to do these in under 3:30. I ended with four sets of 800s all under goal time. That was one very tough workout.


This was taken a couple of weeks ago. I can say this is one heck of a run group. While Blanca’s next race is the Rock n Roll San Antonio I have yet to decide my next race. I am torn between the illuminations half or the BCS Half in December. My goal right now is to beat my current personal best of 1:44:23 in Dallas. You can see my times by clicking here.

Not only does Blanca love puppies she also like surprises and food. To all the husbands out there it is a good idea to keep dating or surprising you’re wife. Two weeks ago I brought home Blanca some fruit.


The following week I brought home some flowers. The fact that they were here favorite color made things even better.


I know little things like this make her happy. It makes my day when I am able to do something to put a smile on her face.

As the Lord God continues to bless Blanca and myself I hope he does the same for you too. Everyday that I wake up and I get to go to work and come back to a comfortable home I know that it is Gods provision towards me. Have a wonderful week and be safe.

Don’t forget to check out San Antonio’s very own Downtown Run Group. The best group of guys and gals one can meet and run with. For more info click below



Have a wonderful week and

…Run Inspired…


Saturday recap!! Countdown begins!!

I belong to a great running team known as Downtown Run Group or DRG. If you are in the San Antonio Area and are looking for help and support we are here for you and best of all it is free!! So on Saturday the 3rd, Blanca and I went to our usual spot where our DRG meets for our morning prayer and head out from the Pearl Brewery.

That’s Hotel Emma!! I believe this should be done this spring I believe!!
So from what I hear we had around forty two runners total some who ran two miles and others who ran fourteen miles. Blanca and I ran seven miles because she had to go to work at noon. So we went our separate way towards the zoo and up a high stadium into Trinity University and shot straight into downtown. We arrived at mile five and jumped right onto the river walk where it would take us two miles back to the Pearl.
Now, I have been running slower lately training with Blanca for her full marathon. I went out this Saturday hoping to do a fast paced seven miles. I was gunning for fifty six to fifty seven min but came just short at fifty nine minutes.


It’s ok though!! We did it dark and early now we can go home satisfied!!


Here are some of the races my group is running the beginning of this year.


Well it is officially twenty days out that Blanca myself and a few others from our run group will head out to New Orleans to run the full and half marathon!!! Blanca has never been there so I plan on showing her around on Saturday and be ready for Sunday!!
What do you think is a must visit in NOLA?
God bless have a great Monday!!!


Now what?

Ok so that was great. I was just introduced to the wonderful world of running but is that it? Christmas and New Years came and went and I still didn’t know what my new adventure would be. Well it’s not like my New Years resolution in the beginning of 2010 was to run period especially not 13.1 miles.

Sometime around February 2011 I was searching online now by this time I did decide that I wanted to train again for another race but what would be my motivation? I always run in remembrance of my aunt and especially for my health but I figured that I could do something special with this new hobby of mine. I was searching and searching and suddenly I came across group of people who run for the purpose of providing clean water to villages in Africa. It was Team World Vision. Now I’m not a big fan of asking others for donations but I’ve always had a heart for mission whether that was to go myself or support from home. I took a leap of faith!!!

I set up my web page and ordered my shirt.


My ultimate goal was to
1. Fundraise $100 per mile
2. Give it my all

The race I signed up for was the 13.1 series. This particular race was taking place in Dallas, Texas in the month of October.

I continued my training running 4-5 times a day straight out of work. Summer was on the way out and fall was coming and and before I knew it we were at Luke’s Locker across Southern Methodist University ready to pick up my bib!!


After meeting one of my coaches we left to eat and rest. As we arrived at the downtown Arts District I see my teammates.


And we’re off!!! I believe I was the only San Antonio World Vision runner amongst all the Dallas runners. I ran and felt so good that yes ….

I had a personal best of 1:45:31 a drop of 17 min from my first half in San Antonio last year.


At the end I was able to reach my goal and I did fundraise $1,310.00 and as a team we got $440,000 and now 4,000 people have access to clean water.

This particular run has been one of my most memorable moments ever. The race was so well organized and the route was fantastic!! This race would become an annual tradition for me and my family.