The Year is nearing its end.

So much has happened to both Blanca and myself this year. If I’m being honest this has been the toughest year in many aspects of our lives.

Coming off a tough marathon race this year it was time to cheer on my wife Blanca. Blanca herself had a tough marathon training season yet she was ready to tackle the half marathon. Blanca raced the BCS Half (Bryan-College Station) while we had other friends running the full.

I was tracking her progress and saw that she was on personal record or PR pace. Her previous PR was a 1:44 and now she crosses the finish at…..1:42 beating her previous best by a whole 2 minutes.

She is celebrating her time with a fist pump. I am very proud of her especially after a rough training season. Not to long after the race we began our journey back to San Antonio.

After what seemed to be a long drive back we finally made it. Time to focus on the upcoming week.

Monday came around and it was time for me to go on my second run. This Monday I ran with IAAP training and completed 5 miles with Belle. She did fantastic! I felt pretty good on this particular day. The rest of the week I was kept busy working on some stuff preparing myself for the upcoming year. I was able to squeeze in a run on Wednesday and let me tell you it was not that easy.

I went out and got it done.

Friday night we went to go visit my wife’s mother. We had dinner and were catching up. It turned into one of those nights when before you know it 11 o’clock rolls around and we had to go.

The following morning or shall I say the following day Blanca and I had two birthday parties to attend. The first was less than half a mile from our apartments which was great. Our friend Kim was celebrating her birthday with friends and a friendly game of bubble soccer. I have to say that was one of the best times I’ve had in quite some time.

This definitely has to be an exciting way to celebrate the day of your birth. Once the fun was over 😓 we went to The Pearl Brewery to have some lunch. We decided on the food hall located right in the heart of The Pearl. I’ve always enjoyed Christmas but as I’ve grown older I have come really love this time of year. The decorations just look so nice and truly makes it feel like Christmas in San Antonio. We finished our lunch and had to rush back because the rain was not going to stop. We arrived home and started working on some pending chores before we were to head right back out that door. Later that evening we were enjoying the company of my wife’s co-workers and family celebrating the 40th birthday of one of her colleagues. The fun and laughter continued through the night but eventuality our time had arrived. We had to go home to our pup Belle. Not too long after we were all closing our eyes and calling it a night.

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Daniel and Blanca Martinez


Just another week in April.

After a good weekend it was time to do it all over again. Monday’s are unpredictable. What am I trying to say. I never enjoy speed work itself but I can’t wait to get started. It’s temporary pain. It seems to be paying off. This Monday our coach was sick so he decided to warm up and take some pictures. 

As you can see Speed coach is still working on his selfie skills. Definitely getting better. 😅

As you can see Blanca is keeping up with the quick men. If you squint you can see me coming around the corner. 

Never easy, always satisfying. 

Speaking of speed work. Here is what our week looked like. 

Monday- 1 mile warm up (fartleks) (2 min 5k pace)( 2 min slow )x 6 (1 mile cool down)

Tuesday- 4 mile (ended up being half marathon pace)

Wednesday- 1 mile warm up (6×600) 1 mile cool down 

Thursday- stretch, core, roll

Friday- stretch

Saturday- 7 mile (negative splits) will be adding more mileage

Thursday we were able to get together with our bible study and have some great fellowship time. We got to catch up with each other and shared many laughs together. 

Blanca and I have been recording some routes to add to our Downtown Run Group YouTube page which you can check out by clicking on here. 

Here is Blanca editing the video. 

Having been at the Pearl I finally took Blanca to have a bite at Green. 

After having lunch and finishing with the video it was time to play some disc golf. Have you ever played? 

Santino was able to join us on this round. He’s a quick learner. He came out ahead. 

A little bit of Saturday. 

It was a great week overall. 

Here are some helpful links

IAAP Training
Downtown Run Group
Downtown Run Group YouTube
…and introducing our new YouTube page South Texas Runners. Blanca and I will be recording some of our very own adventures. We will also be doing some race recaps as we cheer on our city’s runners. 

See you next week!!!

And there goes March !! 

I apologize I fell a little behind this week. Another month has come and gone. It is always good to see where we stand. Have we improved? Well we shall see. I looks like there was not much activity for us personally. Here was our schedule for that week.

Monday-speed work (1 mile warm up)(8×400) 5k pace (1 mile cool down)

Tuesday-  5 miles (comfortable pace)

Wednesday-(1 mile warm up)(1 or 2 miles time trials) (1 mile cool down)

Thursday- easy (stretch,roll,core work)

Friday- Daniel(6.2 miles) Blanca(total of 12 miles- 4 legs)

Saturday- (Rest)

Sunday- (Rest)

March-77 miles (need to start increasing mileage soon)

I would say that one of our biggest events this week was our time trials. As for Blanca, well let’s just say she was on pace to possibly demolish her best 5 k by a minute. I personally ran my best 1 mile ever. Here the recap. 

As you can see above I ran a personal best of 6:13 for the 1 mile. Blanca ran a 13:27 2 mile. Well under her or pace for the 5k. This was definitely a fun evening. 

We hope to see many more improvements. It’s hard work but definitely well worth it. 

After this both Blanca and I had to prepare because it was time for us to Volunteer for Ragnar Relay race. The race began in Bastrop, Tx ———————————> Luckenbach, Tx. I hear it was a total of 200 miles covered by 12 teammates. Our volunteer shift began at 5:30 am – 9am.  Where we would then meet up with our team and enjoy the ride. 

About 45 from our shift the first legs began to arrive. 

Our team started at 9:30 am which allowed us to see our first leg coming in strong. 

After the first van finished their first leg it was time for some food and much needed rest. 

Later that evening

Not long after Blanca and I had to head home. The group of twelve marched on. 

Congrats!!! 🎉👌🏃🏽

We made it home around midnight. 

Blanca and I always thank 

Downtown Run Group for the friends and motivation to keep striving for goals. 

Thanks also goes out to IAAP training for your warm welcome in the your family. Your speed work is tough but results in improvements.

If you want to ever visit one of these two excellent teams click on links below. 

Downtown Run Group
IAAP Training
remember to always

… Run inspired…

Pounding that pavement, tasting the world 

 Currently sitting at the place I consider my second home. The Pearl brewery offers many great restaurants, ice cream and an ideal location to start your training run.    

In the last post Blanca signed up for a monthly subscription. I always heard stories about my wife loving her treats.  We signed up for the monthly Treats subscription.  I guess we made the cut because we received our box the following week.  

Almost feels like Christmas! Now what is so special about this Treats box? Each box will contain treats from a foreign country.  

Can you guess?   

Treats from Netherlands!  

Now we await next months surprise. 

Blanca and I recently participated in the city managers 5k. This race is for all city employees, family and friends. I will never decline a race that cost me $7.00. I guess it was meant to be because Blanca also had that Saturday off!  

This race began at the Seaworld parking lot. We then made our way into the park. I was right in thinking there would be some inclines. I remember being young and having to walk up those ramps to get to the show.  I started pretty fast and slowed down a bit as the race went on. 

Here are my results! 

I got a PR of 00:24 seconds! I also finished 8th in my age category. 

Now on to the best! 

Blanca passed me up a little after the first mile. I just remember letting her know that she was doing great and to give it her all.  

Yup that’s right she is women’s first overall. I couldn’t believe it! 

This was definitely a fantastic race. Especially when doing it with great family and friends. 


My dad and myself recently went to Shiner, Texas for a job. We were staying 18 miles away in Gonzales,Texas.  

I didn’t realize how much history this little town of Gonzales lies there. Aside from working hard we took the little time off to explor the little town. The town of Shiner has Shiner beer. The town of Gonzales has the …

Come and take it canon. Yes, the real canon.  

I also visited my third jail. First was Eastern State Pen in Philly. I later visited Alcatraz in San Francisco. I can now say Gonzales County Jail.  

You can easily make a weekend out of it. 

After along week I was able to come back and enjoy the weekend with my wife. 

That Friday we visited the Southtown and Bluestar. We had a great evening at first Friday walking around the art galleries. After a while we decided to finally try one of the restaurants we’ve had on our list for sometime. Feast was a fantastic experience.  


It was perfect. We had great food, great weather, and perfect seats to people watch. 

The following morning was our DRG morning. Blanca ran 10 miles while I joined my fellow runner Rick to run a full 13.1 miles. 

For more info about our run group visit our Facebook page.

Do you have any monthly subscriptions worth exploring?

What are your favorite restaurants?

Marathon weekend and more Part 3

After that great buffalo hump 10 miler I had plans to attend another race that evening. The third annual Illuminations half marathon. I was definitely not running the race. I was there to support some of my fellow runners. Both Blanca and I did the same last year and it was a blast. She was suppose to get off at four o’clock and the race started at 5:30 pm. I decided to meet up with her at work and head out. Good thing this year we made it on time and had no problem with parking. 

Once we arrived we searched for the restroom. Then for some coffee because it was going to be chilly.

This race takes place at the JW Marriot resort in San Antonio. After walking around for a bit we gathered the group before race time.


The race offers not only a half-marathon/relay but also a 10k and 5k. 

And they’re off..

They go out about a mile and half out then they come back around. 

Here come some of our own



Here you will find our sign for the night.

Near the very end..

Even when I am not running, it is such a joy to see others do it. Once again DRG represented well with three winners that night. 

Come Christmas Eve I went out for a small non timed five mile run. Located at one of San Antonio’s few triathlon specific gym. If you need help with training Alamo 180 can help you out.

On my way this really caught my attention.  

Here is Alamo 180.


Once we left I started pretty fast. As I was slowly passing some runners I realized there were only two runners left. One of them finished with the 5k. At that point there was only one last runner left which I struggled to catch. After pushing a bit harder and seeing him slow down a bit I passed him. I opened up a comfortable gap. Near the end there was about a quarter mile elevation gain. This is were I began my kick and eventually widened the gap. I made it back to the finish line first among the five mile runners. 

Later that evening we spent it at Blanca’s parents house. We had a great dinner and enjoyed some Chevy Chase and Christmas vacation. The following day Blanca had to work while I waited at home. Later that day we finally had the pup Christmas picture.  

A couple days later we were celebrating New Year’s Eve. We had to take some pictures.

These dogs are seriously scared of fireworks. You can see that in the first picture.  

Happy New Years y’all !

Keep running! Just keep moving. Another great year in the books. Now looking forward to new adventures. If you would like to try the new adventure of running why not start with Downtown Run Group.

As always 

…run inspired…

Marathon weekend and more Part 2

After the rock n roll weekend passed I thought that was the end. I ran my races and I was honestly very much disappointed. I had goals and not one was accomplished. I have absolutely nobody to blame but myself. I began to prepare my mind for next year. I had the same goals in mind but definitely more motivated. 

Days later some of my group buddies were talking about the Buffalo Hump Run. I did come across this race weeks prior but for some reason it didn’t catch my attention. I talked to Blanca about it and asked what she thought. She approved. That Friday the day before the race I went to solers sports and signed up. I decided to try the ten miler. After registering I went to see the Star Wars movies. By the way it was pretty good. 

Later that evening I went home and began to put my running gear together. When you see my pictures you’ll see absolutely nothing matched. 

Race day morning I wake up to a beautiful 32 degree day. This is freezing for us Texas people. I kissed my wonderful wife good bye and hoped for the best. She had to work that morning so I didn’t have her there physically but she was definitely in my heart. Once I arrived I got my chip for timing and tried staying warm.  


 Out of the eight DRG runners only two were doing the ten miler the others opted for five. At the start line a fellow runner John asked how much time I thought I would do. I answered honestly and said about an 1:30-1:35.

 Go! Race started!

There is something about cold weather. It is very hard for me to get up and go but I definitely have better race times when it’s cold. I ran the first mile at about 7:25. Stupid, stupid I thought! Or maybe it wasn’t. That was the beginning to one of the best races I had ever run in my life.  


This is at about mile three. If you look closely to my left. There is a guy wearing a trinity sweater. That is Mark, winner of the 2015 San Antonio rock n roll marathon. 

I was feeling good up until mile 7 when my left quad, as usual begins to act up. After being about two thirds done with the race I couldn’t give up. My pace slowed a tad bit but I kept grinding. 

This is right at the finish line. Always finishing as strong as possible. Here are my results…

Yes I did it! I paced under eight minutes and got first place in my division. 

This really came out of nowhere. I had given up on 2015 looking forward to 2016. I did great in a race I registered the before before. 

As always one last picture before heading out.  

Even though I did not reach any of my 2015 goals i did however accomplished others. One goal of mine was to place first in my age category. That came soon and unexpected. The other was to run 8 miles in under 1 hour. That one was another surprise. 

Always enter a race ready to give it you’re all! 

Looking for a run group in San Antonio? Maybe just in town for a couple of days. Come join us! All info can be found in the Downtown Run Group tab of my blog. 

Remember to always 

…run inspired…

God bless you!



New Trade, New members, New Training

There has definitely been a lot of change at the Martinez home. It is a good thing that Blanca and I are used to change. Maybe we are okay with trying new things. As mentioned in the previous post we are now dog owners.


Several nights ago we had some rain here. Blanca decided to wash her vehicle the following day and allow the pups to play outside. Blanca was telling me how the pups were playing in the mud slipping and sliding. You know the pups have showered in the tub more than myself. Just like adults after some exercise and a shower you end up taking a nap.

In such a short period of time they grew. When they went for their first check-up they were about 10lbs. Just recently they went to get their next set of shots and they now weigh 14lbs. I can easily see the difference. Now that they received their 4 month shots they can officially see more of this world.

V__5AA8 V__5080

They look pretty happy to explore beyond our home. It has now been one and a half months since I switched over jobs. Working with my father has been such a great time. I have come to learn and understand what it took for him to put a roof over my head and food on the table. I can easily say he and I make a pretty good team. Here is a little sample of what we have done.


Here is the before and after from a boys restroom at an elementary school.

A couple of days ago my father and I drove to Austin to do a job. Here is the view we had.


After completing this blog I have to get my clothes packed. We are headed to do a big job in Laredo.

This is the first year that I have officially done speed work. I have been doing about six 400s only because I and hesitant to jump to 800s. This past Thursday while Blanca was walking the pups I tried my first set of 800s. My goal was to do these in under 3:30. I ended with four sets of 800s all under goal time. That was one very tough workout.


This was taken a couple of weeks ago. I can say this is one heck of a run group. While Blanca’s next race is the Rock n Roll San Antonio I have yet to decide my next race. I am torn between the illuminations half or the BCS Half in December. My goal right now is to beat my current personal best of 1:44:23 in Dallas. You can see my times by clicking here.

Not only does Blanca love puppies she also like surprises and food. To all the husbands out there it is a good idea to keep dating or surprising you’re wife. Two weeks ago I brought home Blanca some fruit.


The following week I brought home some flowers. The fact that they were here favorite color made things even better.


I know little things like this make her happy. It makes my day when I am able to do something to put a smile on her face.

As the Lord God continues to bless Blanca and myself I hope he does the same for you too. Everyday that I wake up and I get to go to work and come back to a comfortable home I know that it is Gods provision towards me. Have a wonderful week and be safe.

Don’t forget to check out San Antonio’s very own Downtown Run Group. The best group of guys and gals one can meet and run with. For more info click below



Have a wonderful week and

…Run Inspired…


The last time I was on here I was talking about my anniversary and birthday. The following weekend we were able to be a part of another beautiful wedding. One of Blanca’s closest friends got married and she was the maid of honor. I really do enjoy wedding, I just prefer not to be a part of them. I know she was nervous but she definitely hit it right out of the ballpark.

There she is giving the speech. It was definitely a fantastic evening. It was also the first time I attended a wedding with a photo booth.


Congratulations to the new Merino family. Where ever they may go or end up may God bless you.

In the days following the wedding many eventful things have happened. Monday morning I went back to work with my father and Blanca had her first day of school.


I know she wouldn’t like this picture very much. Since we try to not hit traffic too hard we start the day early.

Later that week it was my sisters birthday. My mom had a dinner for her at their house and she had a close friend of hers too.

After looking around for while I came across a birthday card I knew she would love.


This worked to perfection. She really got a kick out of the card and the amount of money I gave her. I believe it was $46.57 or something close to that.


During the week we were preparing ourselves because we had a long run with our run group. The full marathoners were scheduled for 13 miles while the half marathoners were scheduled for 7. Blanca was not feeling the 13 miles and so to encourage her I told her I would run it along side her. I would say she was complaining about it a lot that morning. Here is a quick snap we took of each other at one of our glorious water stops.

WP_20150829_07_32_03_Pro WP_20150829_07_32_23_Pro

Blanca and I really don’t carry any form of hydration cups and so our hands become our cups.

The last mile really got me because I started feeling a little fatigue in my left leg. Blanca had slowed down a tad bit on mile eleven but once she got her self back she sped through the last two miles easily.



Yes I do enjoy waking up at 5:00 am on a Saturday morning to put my body through some pain. The rewarding feeling at the end is like no other. You feel great and then you can have a great time with fellow runners afterwards.

We went home and showered. We later went out to have some ice cream. This time we decided to have Amy’s Ice cream at the Quarry.


We have kept very busy. It is really tiring but also very exciting. Many changes are coming that will greatly affect our lives. I do plan on let you all know what is happening in the next post.

Do not forget we run on Saturday morning and Tuesday evening. If you need more info please take a look at the facebook page. We are just normal people with the same passion for running. You can also see all the info on my DRG blog page.

I sure do hope and pray you all are having a fantastic week. We will continue to explore our beautiful city, run, and enjoy each others company. I will be more than happy to share with you all what we are all about. Thank you very much for you’re interest and God bless you too.

April already?!?!?! 

Yes everyone it is officially April. Last year around April I started getting injuries and wearing my legs out. This year in April my training has kicked into full gear. I can honestly say I slacked off in January and February. In March I got on the horse and today I am feeling really good. I sure am excited to see what this years running season holds. I totally forgot Blanca and I were given free entry to run the UTSA Diploma dash. It is a 5K and also San Antonio’s city championship.

I have completed a couple of 5K in the past but never really tried my hardest. Come Saturday I will put my “first PR” on this race. From there I will have a goal to beat. 

Blanca is very busy with school and work. Praise be to God she might have found a better job that would allow her to set her own schedule. I hope and pray this helps her in the long run once Nursing school begins. (PUN not intended) or was it? 

Here’s an update on my week…


Blanca and I have begun a tradition. I sure hope we can stick to it because our schedules might not allow it eventually. (PPLT) Pizza party lunch time. (Homemade pizza)  Inside those large cups you would find a strawberry-blueberry smoothie.

So we recently found out that one of the more well known chicago deep dish pizza restaurants is officially in San Antonio. Gino’s East has landed in the Alamo city. I’m pretty excited, I hope to visit soon.  

The other day Blanca was running around the apartment looking and searching. I was kind of nervous because she would say what was wrong. I didn’t get to capture the search but I sure did get the winning moment.  

She found her flossing gear. What a joyous day.

Last Saturday we had our winter season group picture. 


Our Downtown Run Group sign basically gives you all the info needed.

Blanca and I decided to wake up really early and run  before picture time.  As soon as that was done with we took a stroll around our second home. 

The Pearl brewery offers so many things. Aside from being able to lease there, you can also find ten restaurants, weekly events and the  farmers market.



It has definitely been a good week. I thank The Lord for my wife and the sport of running. Those two blessings really keep me going day in and day out. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. If you have a race I pray that it goes great for you. As always

…run inspired…