Friday recap, NOLA 8 days

Around this time eight days from today I would’ve broken the half marathon world record. I wish that was the case.
Yesterday I went out for a morning run and I asked my wonderful wife

if she would follow me on her bike since she had already run 12 miles the previous day.
We took off and I guess I started a little too fast cause I began to struggle for a bit. I kept pushing since it would be my last long run before Nawlins. I was doing really good I had my five miles at 41 min and change unfortunately we had to jump to street level and had to wait for a couple of stop lights. Once I got on the road it was non stop back to the Pearl Brewery.


She also took some pictures of me!!



Even with traffic lights and hills I am still happy with the results.
Afterwards we drove to a college here in town to buy a book that Blanca needed. I was also able to drive right by my elementary and middle school and now Blanca can see where oat of my childhood was.
After showering we cooked breakfast and we were able to watch Stand by me right before we both had to leave for work.
I have got to say my Friday was a satisfying one.
I sit here in the beautiful historic King Williams district in San Antonio waiting for my family. My mother and sister in law are participating in the all women’s Cocoa Half Marathon. We are about to go to the expo and I just love seeing runners gather all with the same passion. This morning I went for a slow paced five and a half mile run in honor of Meg Menzies. She was tragically killed by a drunk driver this time last year as she was running early morning.
Attn: all runners
Please be very aware of your surrounding !! Bring awareness to drink driving and texting.

As my DRG says
Run Inspired!!
God bless!!